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Dear Sir - I am a hindu living in UK Bradford. My girlfriend is from Multan and is greatly in love with me and wants to marry me (We are both Jatts). Her parents are very adamant that the marriage should be conducted in Islamic style. Can anyone advise if it is possible for me to do mutaa type temporary marriage as per Islam and then do the real marriage as per Hindu rites?

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Are hindu muslim.if not you must do your marriage according to the SUNNAH OF RASUL ALLAH <sal allahu="" alaihi="" wa="" sallam=""> AND HIS COMPANIONS <radi allahu="" anhum=""> and not according to hindu rites.

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I hv read the link. its vry good xplaination. but I hv other opinion abt marriage in diff religion. according Quran al baqarah 221. a muslim man is allowed to marry non muslim girl but non muslim girl is disallowed to marry non muslim man.why? becoz we afraid tht muslim girl wll follow husband's believe n leave her faith islam. now days many muslim girls or guys married non muslim but thy dnt convert religion n they still do religion activities as usual. so abt wht we worry abt is depend on compromise between two . if we hv faith it will remain in heart. diff religion won't affect into marriage as long as we hv faith n our hubby dnt force religion conversion. but my question is . is it allowed to do marry by court only?

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