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Assalamualaikum...i have islamic website so if i use google adsense and earn money will it be halal or haram ???

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what is the story behind the Google

when you become publisher of Google adsense they give you Add Code which has javascript

for example you are in niche of let say wine/ or HARAM food / or un Islamic

take example no 1

you are muslim and you are in nich of Wine so Google will show the Ads related to wine product in this case wine is not allowed in isalm is considerd haram so you earning money is haram

if you are working in Flower nich cars nichs food nich every thing which is considerd halal or legitimate according to rules said by islam you are safe

so i checked your site it is islamic site so IMO you are safe


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This is halal. The reason behind why I say this is because, you are purchasing an ad site and renting it out to the person that pays the highest. This is no different than a person buying a house with the intention of renting it out.

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Alhamdulillah...thnaks u all for ur answer

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