Do the name Allah and God share the same attributes?

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Here is my proof brother, bring yours salaam

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@Sadie, I asked this question a while ago to see how many of the brothers and sisters adhere to the concept of your answer,I have found that 90 percent of the Muslims I have came into contact with subscribe to this concept, inshallah, I will show you the problem with your answer, with textual proof.

There are two concepts we must grasp a clear understanding of, the first is Khushoo (soleminity, full submission). Shaykh Hussain Al-Awaa Ishah stated in a athar: " Khushoo is perfected by a number of matters, some of which are within the salah itself, and others outside of it. Amongst such matters are: 1)Knowing Allah 2)Remembering Death 3)Reflecting upon the meaning of the words which are related to prayer." The second is Ar-Rida: " And this is when a servant surrenders his affairs to Allah, loving Allah and expecting Allah's reward." Such a person will then experience tranquility and joy, love of Allah and reliance upon Allah,ma'shallah. With these two concepts understood, let's proceed...

Beloved sister, what we must stay clear of is At-Taghut, everything that is worshiped or followed or obeyed other than Allah is Taghut (false deity). Allah, azza wal jall, stated in His glorious book, " There is no compulsion in religion. Verily, the right path has become distinct from the wrong path. Whoever disbelieves in Taghut and believe in Allah then he has grasped the most trustworthy hand hold that will never break, and Allah is all hearer , all knower. Allah is the Wali (protector or guardian) of those who believe. He brings them out from the darkness into light. But as for those who disbelieve, their Ailiya (supporters and helpers) are Taghut, they bring them out from the light into darkness. Those are the dwellers of the fire, and they will abide therein FOREVER!" ( 2:256-257) Shaykh Ibn Qayyim has stated in a athar," The Taghut has five heads, 1)Shaytan calls people to worship any but Allah, 36:60, 2)Anyone who is worshiped with his consent, 21:29, 3)The tyrant who changes the laws of Allah, 4:60, 4)A person who claims to have knowledge of the ghaib, 72:26-27, 5)The ruler who rules by laws other than that sent down by Allah, 5:44.

We will deal with the first head, inshallah. Allah, azza wal jall, has described Himself in the qur'an by 81 attributes, His Messenger, may peace and blessings be upon him, called him 18 attributes, this makes up the 99 attributes of our Rab. In the Torah the named revealed to Bani Isreal was Yahweh, " The name par excellence for the Creator is Yahweh, found 6,832 times in the old Testament." (The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia, 1975, volume one page 690) Beloved sister, no muslim can deny the name Yahweh and remain in the folds of Islam, also, when it comes to words, we must not fall into the mistake of most people, who give words their own definition, which has nothing to do with the word.Now lets define the word God: " God (gad), the supreme being, a superhuman being or spirit worshiped as having power over nature or human fortunes, a deity, and image, idol, animal, or other object worshiped as divine or symbolizing a god, used as a conventional personification of fate, an adored or admitted influential person, a thing accorded the supreme importance appropriate to a god." ( oxford college dictionary), " God (gad, god) N. akin to got , goth. Guth , prob i.e. base ghau-to call out to invoke, whence sans havete, he calls upon] 1. Any of various beings, conceived of as supernatural, immortal, and having special powers over the lives and affairs of people and the course of nature; deity, a male deity,an image that is worshiped; idol. (Websters New world Dictionary second edition)

Notice that both books in their definition has the word gad, so lets define this word that coincide with the word God, " Gad: A canaanite deity improperly rendered as troop,was the god of good fortune,supposed to be the deified planet Jupiter, the star of good fortune." ( Unger's Bible dictionary page 416).

" Gad (Deity). A deity or Genius of good luck worship by jewish apostates probably in the post exile period, together with Destiny Meni. The nature of the deity is clear from an Aramiac-Greek bilingual inscription from Palmyra, where he is indentified with fortune."(Interpreters dictionary of the bible volume 3 page 350) Now sister lets define Yahweh, and the only way to do this is to go to the scriptures," THEN YAHWEH (MOST HIGH )CAME DOWN AND PROCLAIMED HIS NAME, YAHWEH, YAHWEH, EL RAHUM (the compassionate), Hanun (gracious, compassionate), Rab (many, much, great, abundant, numerous), Hesed (unfailing love, loyal love, devotion, kindness), Nasar (to guard, watch, protect, keep preserve), Nasa (to be forgiven, honored, carried). This is how exodus 34:5-7, reads in the hebrew, now go back and read the definition for God-Gad and tell me if it coincide with Yahweh (most high). While you doing that let's define Allah, azza wal jall, " He is Allah besides whom there is none that has the right to worshiped but He, Al Alim , Ar Rahman, Nir Rahim, Al Malik, Al Quddus, Al Salam, Al Mu'mian, Al Muhaymin, Al Aziz, Al jabbar, Al Mutakabbir, Al Khaliq, Al Bari, Al Musawir, Al Hakim." (sura 59:22-24)

Again return to the definition of God-Gad and see does it coincide with the Attributes of Allah, azza wal jall, and you will see that it has nothing in common with those titles for those titles are of the devil.Allah is not ever God, for the word god stems from pagan roots which Yahweh said was an abomination in Isaiah 65:11, and as you can see that Allah and Yahweh are one in the same, so how is God-gad the same as Allah??? You can never achieve khushoo or Ar-Rida calling on God for god is a taghut, and to call on any besides Allah,azza wal jall is shirk, and we both know that this is serious. Im goin to stop here,and if you have any questions let me know for I can go deeper if need be, inshallah. May Allah guide you.

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@stronghold, inshallah you will reap the benefits of this debate, I'm very passionate about this subject for it is a classic example of shirk al khafi. After reading please give me your insight. I will humbly await your response. Salaam

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@answerer this is the haqq presented inshallah read the whole thing other brothers has presented some haqq on this subject also. Once you do and if you want to debate your position than I will gladly do so inshallah for if you equate Allah with god than you have equated Allah with taghoot. I seek refuge with Allah from that.

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@abdul wasay beloved I beg you read this debate and ponder on the facts presented. I know what most muslim feel to use this pagan title is alright as long as you mean Allah but this is not the haqq. That is lije saying you can call Allah Ma'at ad long as you mean Allah. No we can never do such and the reason being it is anpagan title. Salaa m

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i want to add that in Aramaic, Hebrew and Arabic the word "ilah" or "ILH"= deity or god.. and this could be Allah for muslims or a taghut(false deity) for non muslims. while Allah is the name for the One/Only ilah/deity. and the name "Allah" was known before prophet Muhammad that is why his name is "Muhammad ibn Abd-Allah".. and "Abdallah arius" the famous Christian at the time of constantine.. even some arab jews were called "abdallah" as we know.

another information i want to tell you that yhwh sounds like the Arabic "ya HOWA" = "O HE".. as we know that (Howa=He) is a name of Allah.. actually the most important letter in Allah's name is the H.. we have to be sure of pronouncing it correctly. so in the bible when He said; "I am that I am" then when we describe him.. we will say "He that He is".. or "howa".. or "ya howa".. the one that He is.. Allah.

and Allah knows better

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Beloved brother good job may Allah reward you inclinedtotruth.salaam

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I almost feel like this is a trick question lol. God is god. And Allah is Allah. Allah is god . God Is Allah . We call God Allah to make clear that he is One. And that their is None like him . La illaha illallah. For example you could ask me, Do you believe in god ? And i could say Yes. But that would not tell you who or what to me god is. So by saying i believe in Allah it makes things clear , I worship god alone. Now to the question your asking does the names Allah and god mean the same thing? Share attributes.... Hmm well god is an English word. Allah is Arabic. Its the same name different languages.

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Sadie my beloved sister hold firm to the rope of Allah,and be careful who you accept your deen from,this is the advice from Imam Malik may Allah have mercy on him. Salaam

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@Paulus, Islamically,what you have suggested to my sister is wrong, Allah and God, whether it be with a capital or not, can never share the same attributes, and this is by definition, as Muslims we only practice Islam with the itteebah of the Rasul, may peace and blessings be upon him, meaning we do things the way he said to do it or did it. This means that our opinions or anyones for that matter, whether it be a scholar or a philosopher, means nothing. The fact that you have confirmed that the word god has its origin in paganism, coming from the German word Gud ,makes my point for me. Also, la illaha illalah, correctly translated is, NO ALLAH BUT ALLAH! Now you made a statement that you must produce proof for and that is you said, "It is considered blasphemy to utter the Holy Name," and what is amazing to me, you said this name is God, and your confirmation is when a Jew writes it they write G-d. My beloved brother this is a modern day practice that stems from paganism, as I will show, inshallah, " In the middle ages, when the consonantal text was supplied with vowel points by the Masorites, the tetragrammaton (YHWH) Yahweh, was substituted in over 130 places in the Hebrew text with the Canaanite deity El, Adonay, and in some places Elohim, wherever anthropomorphism was applied. Wherever they left the tetragrammaton (YHWH), in place, they placed diacritical marks beneath it to indicate pronunciation of the word Adonay, not the written Yahweh, WHICH THE ISREALITES AFTER THE BABYLONIAN EXILE CONSIDERED THE NAME TOO SACRED TO BE SPOKEN ALOUD, AND UTTERED A LESS SACRED NAME. For Yahweh they have substituted Baal, which simply means lord, Lord (Hebrew Adonay) an early word denoting ownership; hence, absolute control. IT IS NOT A PROPERLY A RIGHTEOUS TITLE...Master: of Kings as the lord of their subjects. Lord, Master (Greek Kurious). Baal means Lord-applied only to heathen deities, or to man as husband. The Babylonian deity El, and Adonay, the Canaanite deity el of the Phoenicians, both corresponding to the english word Lord." ( Unger's bible dictionary)

Now beloved , it is clear that Yahweh never commanded Bani Israel to utter a less sacred name, especially in the light of the names are of pagan deities, and you have admitted yourself that God has its roots in the same,and what the so called Jews are doing today started along time ago,and the facts dictate that it was wrong then and it is so now. Allah, azza wal jall, in His Hikmah (wisdom) has given the Muslims 99 attributes to call on Him and none of them are less sacred names,for Allah states," And all of the most beautiful names belong to Allah, so call on Him by them, and leave the company of those who belie or deny His names. They will be requited for what they do." (7:180) Also, " Say O Muhammad, " Invoke Allah or invoke the most Gracious, by whatever name you invoke Him it is all the same, for to Him belongs the best of names." (17:110)

What you must understand is that God, Baal, El, Adonay, are all pagan, also, none of them coincide with any of the names revealed in the Qur'an or the Torah, in which I have shown that the names Allah and Yahweh has the same attributes, so why are you promoting using less sacred names, by what Allah has stated in sura seven, I'm to get away from you, for you misuse and belie the sacred names for that of pagans,now I don't know your Aqeedah, but just in case I will leave you with this to ponder, "YOU SHALL NOT MISUSE THE NAME YAHWEH, FOR YAHWEH WILL NOT HOLD ANYONE GUILTLESS WHO MISUSE HIS NAME." (The third commandment Exodus 20:7) I beg you brother not to call my beloved sister to wrath, and I await your proof from the scriptures that you can substitute The Holy Name of the creator with a pagan one. May Allah guide you....

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As long as you mean Allah when you say "God", you are good to go. I never say Allah because I do not want to share my religious thoughts, so I just say God and I mean Allah.

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@Uzbek,beloved brother I must ask for the Qur'anic ayat or authenticated hadeeth you are basing this statement on? Never can we just do what we feel in Deen Ul Allah, if you want to practice taqqiyah, then it is best not to say anything, then to chance committing shirk. I have presented the facts with textual proof, and that is, the Word god is paganistic. If what you say it's good to go,and this is from your own Qiyas (opinion) I assume, for you presented no proof, than I can call on Manat or Allat, as long as I mean Allah I'm good to go.I seek refuge with Allah from that. The reason this would not be accepted is because of the origin of the names, and the title god is no different. And your statement about not wanting to share your religious thought is no excuse; honestly, you have made a fasiq statement for it goes against the Book of Allah, " Say O Muhammad, this is my way: I invite to Allah with sure knowledge, I and whoever follows me does this." (sura 12:108) ponder this my brother, May Allah guide you!

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I understand from all points of views and citations . Now that being said alhamdulillah Allah subhana WA ta'ala knows the intentions of ones heart. When I say God inside my head says Allah. And when I speak the name Allah inside my head says God. Im not kidding this happens everytime. Now what about when people who don't know Islam or even know what is this name Allah ask me .. What is Allah? How do you suggest I answer them? Allah is Allah . Well that won't help them to understand will it? Please help me because i am asked this alot. And i am asked about Islam alot.

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Beloved sister to answer your question, what I do when I give Dawah i use the term creator this term is universal and all understand this.when the question is asked of me then I tell them about the Name Allah and then I take them to the torah and show them how the two names Yahweh are one in the same then i go to the new testament and show from the greek how theos kurious and God are not the same as the two revealed names. this is what i do, insahallah you will find your way,if you recall I told you about Khushoo and At-Rida, and know you cant achieve this calling on taghut.salaam

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@Paulus,First let me start by saying I apologize for I know that I offended you, I beg you forgive me, next I want to clear up a few things,I have shown you from the Bible dictionaries how Baal, Adonay, El all come from paganism and I have shown you by definition about the Title God-Gad.What you have cited in your response from the brother has no textual proof, and if this man you qouted from is Muslim he knows that we only accept things with textual proof,and like yourself I have more days behind me than in front of me and I'am one that follows the Qur'an and the authenticated Sunnah, I'm not one who blind follows any scholar. Yes i did said that 90 percent of the Muslims has been misguided by this concept, what i negated to mentioned was that a large percent has abandoned this misguidance after for I have been teaching about it for years, And the statement you made about Baal coinciding with Allah is totally incorrect but for the sake of brotherhood I'm not going to go into it,for that matter I'm going to end this now. Again Please forgive me.

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@ yaqin

Jazaka Llah Kheyr

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@yaqin. You have not offended me, and therefore have no need to apologise.

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asalaam aleykum;

(1:1) In the name of Allah, =the Merciful, the Compassionate (His attributes are and will Remain)

now please fill the below

in the name of god...................

(jazaka Llah Kheyr)

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Bismillah arahman arahiym. (Arabic) In the name of god the merciful the compassionate. (English)

(Jun 08 '13 at 01:02) sadie ♦ sadie's gravatar image

لرَّحْمَنُ ﴿55:1﴾ (55:1) The Merciful One

by HIS attributes

(55:2) has taught the Qur’an, خَلَقَ الْإِنْسَانَ ﴿55:3﴾ (55:3) has created man, *2

عَلَّمَهُ الْبَيَانَ ﴿55:4﴾ (55:4) and has taught him articulate speech. *3


kindly What is bayan?

.jazaka Llah Kheyr

(Jun 08 '13 at 01:09) el ebdaa el%20ebdaa's gravatar image

Speech and intelligence. Sura Ar Rahman

(Jun 08 '13 at 01:16) sadie ♦ sadie's gravatar image

@ sadie

One meaning of the word bayan, as used in the original, is the expressing of one's own mind, i e. speaking and expressing one's thoughts and intentions.

Its other meaning is to make distinction between things, which here signifies the distinction between good and evil, virtue and vice. According to those two meanings this brief sentence completes the above reasoning. Speech is the distinctive quality which distinguishes man from the animals and other earthly creatures, It is not merely the power of speech, but there are working behind It the faculties of reasoning and intellect, understanding and discernment, will and Judgment, and other mental powers without which man's power of speech could not operate at all.

Therefore, speech is in fact an express symbol of man's being an intelligent being who has been endowed with freedom and authority, and when Allah has blessed man with this distinctive quality, evidently the nature of instruction for him also cannot be the same a: would be suitable for the guidance of other creatures. Likewise, another distinctive quality of vital Importance in man is that Allah has placed in him moral sense by virtue of which he can naturally distinguish between good and evil, truth and falsehood, Justice and injustice, right and wrong, and this intuition and sense does not leave him even when he degrades himself to the lowest state of error and ignorance.

The Inevitable demand of these two distinctive qualities is that the method of instruction for man's conscious and voluntary life should be different from the innate, natural mode of instruction under which the fish has been taught to swim, the bird to fly, and the eye in the human body itself to wink and see, the ear to hear and the stomach to digest, Man in this sphere of his life himself recognizes the means like the teacher, the book, the school, the verbal and written instruction and reasoning and discussion as the modes of instruction, and does not regard the innate knowledge and intelligence as enough. Why should It then appear arrange that for fulfilling the responsibility that falls upon the Creator of educating man, He has made the Messenger and the Book the means of his education and instruction ? The mode of education has to suit the nature of the creation, And very rationally so; The "Qur'an" alone cart be the means of educating the creation that has been taught 'bayan"(speech) and not my other means that might salt the creatures which have not been taught the speech.

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masheallah el ebdaa , I really appreciate that. You can share knowledge with me anytime. I dont know much Insha allah I will increase my knowledge.

(Jun 08 '13 at 01:53) sadie ♦ sadie's gravatar image

jazaka Llah kheir, @sadie;

a say that ' a teacher and a student' who is better? but coming to Kuran religious matters; Let us share am and have never been perfect.But what am trying "Fab nimat rabika Fahadith"

(Jun 08 '13 at 10:29) el ebdaa el%20ebdaa's gravatar image

Please I don't know Arabic well at all. What did u say.

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