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Asak, It's been 4 yrs into my marriage....Alhamdulillah I conceived this year. But I constantly fear that I might I have a miscarriage like my aunt,who suffered a miserable fate ,died without a child and lost her husband. Although I try hard to have faith in Allah... I don't. Understand why I get this feeling that I might too have a miscarriage...I know I must not think this way coz then ill lose what I have...but I can't help it.. Pls advice me on how to change my mindset. Jazak Allah khair

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@Meher Beloved sister, first I want to inform you of what has been reported on the authority of Abu Hurayrah that the Rasul, may peace and blessings be upon him, said," The worst enemy is your own desires from within yourselves,one should offer du'a," O Allah donot leave me to my nafs for a moments time." (sahih muslim-sahih bukhari-At tirmidhi) Also sister it has been reported on the authority of Sa'id al Khudhri that the Rasul, may peace and blessings be upon him said," The affairs of the Muslim is always good,if a blessing comes to him he says all praise be to Allah,and if a calamity befalls him he says all praise be to Allah and he patiently perserveres the hardship." (sahih muslim) Blessed sister,the believer has this attitude described by the Rasululah sws for we understand what Allah azza wal jall has said in His Holy Book," Allah is the creator of everything, and Allah is the guardian of ALL affairs." (sura 62:12) The believer is steadfast in this knowledge, this steadfastness is what will change your mindset inshallah,for shaykh Salaah Ahmed Al Husain said in a athar," Steadfastness in the deen of Allah is a basic requirement for every sincere muslim who wants to follow the straight path with determinaton and understanding." Sister, know this one fact whatever the Qadr of Allah has for you will happen,there is no getting around it,not to accept the Qadr of Allah is a major sin,as has been reported on the authority of Sa'id Ibn Zaid the Rasul,may peace and blessings be upon him, said, Allah said," WHOEVER DOESNOT HAVE PATIENCE WITH MY AFFLICTION, NOR SHOWS GRATITUDE WITH MY DECREE, HAS TAKEN A LORD OTHER THAN ME." And sister this is shirk!!!!!! This wordly life is nothing but an illusion and it passes away by the nano seconds,whereas the hereafter is forever,it is Allah who decrees life and death, you worry about it to the point that you make a statement that you don't have faith in Allah and you equated your aunt returning to Allah without children as a miserable fate is dangerous for your soul,I pray that your aunt accepted Allah's Qadr for that would have been best. SISTER THE WORST FATE IS TO DIE IN THE STATE OF SHIRK FOR ALLAH DOES NOT FORGIVE THAT,MA'SHALAH. I leave you with a athar from Fudayl Ibn Iyaad," When a believer makes his intention to marry the dunya,the dunya will not give up until the believer has given up all of his or her Islam as dowery." Sister, "WORSHIP YOUR LORD UNTIL THERE COMES TO YOU THE CERTAINTY OF DEATH." (SURA 15:99) SALAM

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