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Assalamu- Alaikum,

Brothers and sisters,

I would like to know if there's actually way to know someone's virginity in islamic ways? It's not that I want to messes up someone else. It's just this thing in my culture. They really believed it. I don't even know if it's true or not. Personally, I don't believe it.

I was being paranoid about it actually. Because my friends told me that there was one time, she read a guy's blog and it said about how the guy talked to a woman and he started to scanning her like a psycho. Example, he's looking at her forehead, lips, eye brows and maybe her butto*. Sorry for the indecent word. It has even gone worse when my friend was walking inside someone's house because there was like some kind of celebration and she noticed that someone was looking at her feet. In my culture, they claimed that they can detect someone's virginity by looking at their feet. Same goes to reading lines of palm hand.

This cultural thing is making me way paranoid. Well because I'm not proud of my past sins and I did something but never intercourse but it's still a major sin. So I kept on thinking that I've destroyed my innocence and my body. Feeing traped and worthless. So whatever it is, I've repented and promised to never ever do that haraam thing again.

I'm asking this question because I'm not that strong to listen what people said about me in a bad way. I can't walk around and then some random people think that I'm not a virgin. I know it's stupid but I still believe I'm a virgin because I had never done anything like intercourse.

So will you please explain, if there's actually way to know about it? Does in Islam also have this kind of thing? I mean like knowing someone's virginity by looking?

And also, what's the function when someone seek for marriage and that person is allowed to look at the potential wife's hand and face?? What does that mean??? Please help me solve this problem! Thank you

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Rest assured no person (not even a man!!) can tell that a woman is a virgin (or not) by looking at her feet or anywhere else.

When a woman has sexual intercourse her hymen is broken; but the hymen can be broken in other ways, such as horse riding, cleansing, athletics, or even by simply walking.

If any man tries to tell you otherwise, tell him to take a hike!

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wassalamu alaikum waa rahmatullah waa barakatuhu

dear sister in Islam,

  1. There is something that we as muslim do, We put all our faith and trust in Allah the Most Exalted One. If you agree you committed past sins and you repented sincerely with the intention of not going to do this sin back again, then Allah subahanawaata'laa will indeed forgive you and help you out!Allah knows best.

  2. If you know and Allah knows best, that you safeguard your virginity for your husband and that you didn't physically lost it, then why fear the mouth of people? this is not rational to think of something you have not done and fear that you have done it?! If i know i didnt wear a black shirt but a white one, then why should i care of people telling me that i wear a black one when it is visible that i wear a white one!? same applies for your virginity.

here it is not a question of Islam teachings or not. it is most of commonsense and rationality. For your information,Islam ever teaches things like looking at one feet, hands or face or etc. these are complete innovations and these are based on the traditions of other religions not Islam!

You rightly said: "in my culture" This is not Islam. Please go to the Qur'aan and Sunnah and set it as the sole guide to your lifestyle.In this way you can intellectually differentiate between what is culture,tradition and religion.

Let me reassure you that there is no such thing in Islam. Infact that is very good thing that you turn to Islam as a source of reference but please make sure to apply it in ever breath of your life.

  1. Concerning the potential wife: In order that problems should not arise after marriage the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) recommended that, in the selection of his bride, a man should see her before betrothal lest blindness of choice or an error of judgment should defeat the very purpose of marriage. But this "seeing" is not to be taken as a substitute for the "courtship" of the West. The man should not gaze passionately at his bride-to-be, but only have a critical look at her face and hands to acquaint himself with her personality and beauty. However, if a man so desires, he may appoint a woman to go and interview the proposed bride, so that she may fully describe the type of girl she is.

This was the case of a woman doing her pardah (hijab) whereby her hands and face are covered. But this can be apply when you want to have a glimpse of the one you are marrying because engagements, courtship and private talks are not allowed before marriage.

Reflect: In God already prescribe the Quran as a guide for mankind, then why do we not follow the guide? There is enough big deal that those nasty things will not happen.Allah the Most Compassionate has already told us women what to do for avoid critics! How can one look at my feet when I obey my Lord who asked me to cover my beauty?

"O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers that they should cast their outer garments over them (when abroad); this is more proper, that they should be known (recognized as such) and not harassed. And Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful." (Holy Qur’an, 33:59).

Please be sure to understand all those implications of the Qur'aan and how it simplifies our life.

Forgive me for any mistake i made.

May Allah reward you and guide you

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What will happen if the one that's been claiming knowing someone's virginity is the ustazah or ustaz himself?! or an imam?? they claimed to have the knowledge of knowing someone's virginity. They even go as far as to lecture in masjid? on islamic students? Based on my research, I do believe there's no way. but now i'm confused because even someone that's so respectable has the courage to claim such a statement.

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breathe....relax...inhale....outhale.....just breathe.

(Jul 02 '13 at 11:30) a_mohammed a_mohammed's gravatar image

See my note above. Any guy who speaks the way you describe is either a fool or a liar!

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