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When i was 16, i did not use to pray or fast and my religion was weak. At the age of 16 i have innappropriately touched my maid, but nothing more than that.. She was a muslim women from phillipines. I use to do it a lot until one day she got annoyed and told me stop this is haram, and so i did. That same year her working time finished n she went back to her country. Now i am 18 n i have started praying and im becoming a faithful muslim , and im planning on going to hajj n really becoming a strong muslim. Everyday i regret what i have done to that poor woman, she didnt deserve any of it. I regret it severly and its killing me. I want to ask for her forgiveness but i dont think i can get in contact with her in any way, i dont have any of her contact information and i dont know how to get it. I want to repent from that horrible sin but i am not able to contact her to ask her forgiveness. Is there any other way of repentace? I want to aak her forgivness to repent but i cant get in contact with her. Please help and answer i am feeling horrible about this every single day.

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As salamu alaikum Allah knows best and is the best forgiver. Do not trouble yourself with that which is out of your reach. Pray , repent and continue to be a good muslim. Insha Allah He will forgive you. If opportunity comes where you can apologize do so. Til then keep practicing.

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Noo she was not...i cant ask my parents for it that will only cause more harm for them, after she got annoyed i apologised to her n she said its ok, but i want to know if she really forgives me....i have not done nything more than the touchin, n when she got annoyed i instantly stopped, i regret it severely n i wish to aak for her forgivness but if i tell my parents that will only inflict more harm, and i also know that my parents dont remember her full name

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I regret what i have done , i wish i can take it back but i just a highschool student i cant travel by myself, i dont know how to do any of the things u speak off...i already feel horrible please dont make me feel worse, i am becoming a good muslim and i am regretting all the wrongs i have done n i am trying to make up for them and ask for repentance...i am here confessing and asking you all this coz i am seeking help i answers...if i could get to contact her dont you think i would have already? I am really regretting what i have done, and i didnt severly molest her, i barely just touched her slightly a few times, but what i have done is very severe and i regret it

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Simply ignore everything that animal mike says. Wait for real advice. Insha Allah.

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If you've repented and asked Allah(swt) for forgiveness inshallah it will all be ok... When our faith is weak satan plays with us more... the only way to really change is if we realize that Allahs path is the right path... inshallah he will forgive all of us. keep up you faith.

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