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I have raped a white girl who thence converted to islam, however since I did not have the money to support her and start a family. hence I sold her to a prostitution ring in Albania. I am now feeling great guilt on my evil doing, can you please help what should I do.

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Salam, You need to go and buy her back from prostitution ring in Albania, how can you do this you are muslim and especially a male muslim. Brother I deaf you have commits sin plus you made her to commit sin too so seek forgive from Allah for yourself and for the girl, I would say go and buy her back and give the life she had before. I am shock how can you do that to her O_O please seek forgiveness from Allah. Thanks

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bye her back and it is is ur responsibility to stop this slavery and this inhuman human traffic go to the police go to the media expose them online or others will be bought and sold u can't even live with the thought of one

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