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about one and half year has passed and I am suffering strange health problem, severe pain in my lower back, unbearable pain in my hands, sometimes i feel suffocated as somebody is making obstacle between me and air. All time I feel pain in my whole body. Medically only some minor problem diagnosed in my spinal chord, and rest of medical examination are correct. All time I feel a heavy burden a strange weight on my body as I feel difficulty to move. In my dreams I always see snakes and My dead relative separately. Please let me know what to do and how I can get rid of all my problems. I have gone under a long medical treatment.

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  1. Concentration in Allah the Most Exalted One via salah, duaas and ask protection.
  2. There is a set of surah of the Quraan that has been read By Muhammad s.a.w about evil eye and can be found in this e-book:

3.Please refer your problem to someone which is wise and Insha Allah you will be freed from your illness and bad dreams.

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As salamu 'alaikum. Sister, I think either of the following has happened- 1. Physical problem: Maybe your brain or spinal chord has serious problems. You mentioned you found a problem in your spinal chord. Did the doctor experiment the brain? If they didn't, please tell the doctors to check your brain.
2. Paranormal activities: If something paranormal is going on, I advice you to recite Ayatul kursi, Sura jin, Sura fatiha, Sura ikhlas, Sura falaq and Sura naas as much as you can. In these cases these suras are very effective. If this doesn't work, go to a mosque and find an Imam and tell him your problems. He might help you. Also alway try to stay with wudu, recite ta'authu and ask Allah to help. May Allah help you in this danger. Ameen.

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