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If in the beginning there was only GOD, why did He bother with creating life and the universe, etc ? In the (absolute) beginning there was no life so no pain, misery, etc, so why did GOD bother with Creation ? Now we have to go through a test, which, by the way, most people are completely unaware of. Is that fair ?

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God is the strongest. He is able to do anything. He does whatever he wants. He created because he wanted. This life is a test. If someone passes the test then he gets rewarded with paradise. If someone fails then he is sent to hell. Simple. God is just. He is perfect and everything he does is absolutely perfect. We can't blame God for our mistakes. If we listened to what God said then so many of us wouldn't end up in hell. It's all our fault. And all the problems you see in this world are a test. This is just the begining. Hell will be way more painful than these tests. The ones who rejected the truth after knowing it will be punished, but the ones who didn't receive the message will be forgiven, if God wills. Did you think that God sends people to hell without warning them? Then you are so wrong. Only those who have the ability are accountable for their deeds, not those who are incapable. Let me tell you something, doing the sin and admitting it is way better than blaming God for it. Although we have so much sins God is still giving us chances to repent and change our ways. If we don't want our own good, then the fault is in us.

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