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Assalamalaikum my brothers and sisters

My husband rings his mother and other members of his family every single day, overseas because it is cheap for him to do so. It has become a habit that has been going on for 3 years. He rings in the morning before he sees me and he will not stop. I make dua for me not to be so concerned about it but it is a major issue that causes so many arguements and I am fed up with him. My husband's family have so much time to talk to him. While it is his obsession to talk it is mine to be so upset. Jannah is at the feet of your mother, right? My mother-in-law is so far away yet she is right beside us all the time

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But I did not understand why are you getting upset with your husband for calling his mother? Is it because of the telephone bills? I would suggest you should see the positive side that your husband is so caring for the people he knows. Perhaps once you win his trust he will start loving you in a similar way. Further maybe your son will also love you so much as your husband loves his mother and will always call you.

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keep on making Duaa`s it be , Inshallah itll help

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