Assalamualikum,Brother.I am 29 years old and the man I am introducing is 32.I've got connected with him three weeks before & he's known to my friend.My friend told me that this man's very polite and descent,so she assured me about him.So, when he proposed me for marriage,I was ready to accept him.But after proposing he told me that I should know more about him,about his past.Then,he told,he had an affair with a girl 6years before in his university life & with her he had physical relationship for 5/6times.But when he came to know that the girl shared the same relationship with another boy.Then,he broke up the relation and became very frustrated.He told,without Allah(swt)'s help he couldn't overcome that situation.That was his mistake he admitted.He performs salah 5times daily from the last fifteen years and recitation of the holy Quran is not regular.After that in the last 6years he was busy with his career & with his parents. Listening this I became shuttered.Because,I started to accept him as my to be husband about whom I had already informed my guardian.I replied to him 'no'.But I told him to perform hajj as early as possible he also agreed.We met face to face only one time.And I found him very gentle,he wanted to give me 'Borkha(hijab)' at that day & I was very eager to accept this but I refused to take it from him thinking about the situation.Now,both of us are very frustrated. What should I do now?Was my decision correct?Will Allah(swt) punish me if I marry him?What'll be the punishment of this type of sin if someone give up it later? Please help us.Without Allah(swt)'s wish we can't unite.And,I'll do what Islam says for this type of decision. Allah Hafez

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