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Why cant Allah make everyone muslim and then judge them with their deeds, imaan????? Really feel sorry for the people who are non-muslims.. as i have seen many non-muslims who are good with their deeds and nature.... Will they also go to Heaven???? Isnt a partiality that only muslims will go to heaven one day... Plese give a valid solution

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The first Muslim was Adam, peace be upon him, and then many more came after him. Some were called "Hunafah" (not to be confused with the followers of Abu Hanifah), this was a very long time before Moses, peace be upon him. Some were called "Jews" (Yahud in Hebrew) and then came "Christians." But all of them were at the same time, "Muslims" because they were doing "Islam." In other words they were doing what Allah had commanded them to do and they were sincere in their worship to Him and only to Him without any partners.

This means that anybody could be in Paradise as long as they were doing "God's Will" and not worshipping something other than Almighty God.for more detail you can download islamic hadiths in your mobile through myislamiapps

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People are not the same, and will not live as such. There are people who ask the same but wonder why God could not make everyone Christian, or Jewish, or Buddhist s, etc. People have different beliefs, but we must respect their right to their beliefs and treat everyone with respect.

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peace be upon you. Allah(the almighty) can create everyone as Muslim As Allah(the almighty) said in Quran. Allah didn't did so because Allah is not going to judge according to religions.there is nothing like to say that all Muslims will be sent to heaven.About the other people who are good in character ,they is no one in the world who dead without coming across Islam. They may have took light or rejected or said that they don't have time. Allah the gracious has made limits for everyone.the one who follows it he will be Muslim as people before the birth of prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) were Muslim who followed the prophets before him. there are some misconceptions among Muslims that every Muslim will go to heaven, or whoever born in Muslims family.

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