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Dear Brother I am recent convert from Buddhism to Islam in Burma. After reading the holy Quran I realize the mistake I was making in life and am very thankful to your site to open my eyes and ears to Islam. I also realize the mistakes Buddhist kafirs are making here by creating atrocities on pious muslims. I am very angry at this and want to punish them till they repent and ask muslims forgiveness. Can any brother advise if this is okay to punish them and can any brother help me in creating any bomb or suggesting ways to help me.

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guide them to islam and gain best thing ever in life.

if a man is guided to islam by you is better than ever for you

((لئن يهدي الله بك رجلاً واحداً خير لك من حمر النعم))

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@Faithful What you are suggesting is not Islam, this is the acts of the brotherhood of the devil, what you need to do is trust in Allah, and hold firm to the Rope of Islam.Whoever has told you that this is permissable is not a muslim and they invite you to hellfire, you use the title of faithful but faithful to what, Allah azza wal jall, or Shaytan? Everything is by intentions, and your intentions are that of the devil. Beware of the whispers of the enemy and the assistance of those who are his allies for both leads to destruction.May Allah giude you..

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No. No. No . No. No. You don't do such a thing . Call on Allah subhana WA ta'ala to guide them.

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