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I ask because I observe Islam as best I can. But, living in England, when I am out - in the city centre for example - I see people walking around laughing and smiling, without a care in the world. I don't mean to judge, but most of the people I see probably aren't striving to live by the Quran. If such people dismiss Islam without investigating it for themselves, then how will GOD judge them?

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‘The (Muslim) believers, the Jews, the Christians, and the Sabians – all those who believe in God and the Last Day and do good – will have their reward with their Lord. No fear for them, nor will they grieve.’ (Al-Baqara).

Think about this; and then judge no one but yourself!

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forgive me for my ignorance but I am wondering why you seem so sure these people are not living right (according to the q'uran) :

"I see people walking around laughing and smiling, without a care in the world. I don't mean to judge, but most of the people I see probably aren't striving to live by the Quran."

How do you know these people are not Muslim? How can you tell that someone who appears to be laughing and smiling without a care in the world, sinning or being non Islamic?

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In response to the first answer given to my question - I live in central England, a country in the West, which has a secular society. Most of the Caucasian/native people I see about probably do not observe Islam, in all probability.

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Hi thanks for your answer... I realise that most people living in the UK are not statistically speaking, likely to be muslim.... but I think what i meant was - you presumably live in the UK, and you are muslim... so I am assuming that it was not the fact that they live in the 'western world'that brought you to the conclusion that 'most of the people I see probably aren't striving to live by the Quran.' but that it was something more specific to their behaviour, or way of carrying themselves.... it sounded as though you were observing rather than just drawing a statistical conclusion. So I guess what I am asking is - are you simply assuming they are not muslim because they are people who live in a nation with an overtly secular culture. And if so, then wouldnt that mean there could be other muslim people who live where you do, (maybe even one or two of the people you were observing when you were pondering this) who might automatically assume that you are not muslim or maybe not a 'real muslim'by their standards - and how would you feel if you found out someone had made this assumption about you based on where you appear to live?

However I am guessing (correct me if wrong) that you were not just making assumptions about peoples faith and committment to that faith by the fact that they live in the uk, but maybe also taking into account their dress and/or behaviour? And I cant help but wonder - what things you observed that lead you to the conclusion that the people you were viewing were not muslim.

And I was also wondering, whether you felt that these people were clearly not muslims (but might be christian, jewish, etc), or whether you felt that from their appearance and/or behaviour they were not people who had a faith or worshiped a god at all. Not sure if I explained that very well. What I was trying to do was differentiate between, for example, the observation that someone might make of another person (whether rightly or wrongly) that the other person is faithless, or godless or lead by ungodly motivations. As opposed to the person who a person may observe and say 'they are clearly not of my faith' but may at the same time, recogmnise some things about the person that would indicate that they do have a faith. Do you know what I mean? Ie the difference that a muslim might see between another muslim and a christian or jew - is different from the difference they might see between another muslim and a person who has no religon/faith to speak of who indulges in things that both muslims and christians would see as sinful.

And finally - what is the islamic stance on whether or not people have been given an opportunity to accept that faith, and whos responsibility it is to ensure every person possible hears about that faith? What I mean is, as a christian, I feel that if I asked your question about my faith: " If such people dismiss christ without investigating it for themselves, then how will GOD judge them?"- feel very much that - for me to even be asking that question, could be a good indicator that god wanted me to talk to those people about him, and therefore if they had dismissed god, and I was now wondering about their judgement - that most likely I was in this position because god wished me to go talk to those people.... (and therefore if they did not find god, it could well be a result of my failure to have the boldness to approach them as god wanted me to). I would also hope that I would have the humility and sense to remind myself that I was not ever in a position to judge whether any other person was saved or not - as I slip up and sin so often, Im hardly in a position to judge anyone else. Having said that - I am certainly guilty of looking at a person i dont know and without thinking - judging them - but I think in most cases - thats unfortunately not me being concerned about that persons salvation, so much as it is my weak human side being lead astray and making an unfair snap judgement anbout a person who may well turn out to be a much better servant of god than i am

Do muslims see things this way also?

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