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Asalam walikum , i am 18 yr old guy and i fell in love with my cousin who is 22 yrs , for your information i did not have any relationship with her at all , so i told her older sister about it (who is married) and asked her if she could let me ask her sisters hand in marriage. well her small sister refused me only because i was younger than her , i felt so heart broken after that. 4 months later i found out she was going to get married to her other cousin , and i felt even more crushed than before , i just dont know what to do ? please i sincerely need an islam advice to forget her.

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Wa 'alaikumus salam. So you want to forget her , brother? Start by focusing on your deen. Also, think about her bad qualities. If she ever hurt your feelings, remember those times. Think that she is bad and completely unsuitable for you. Think that if you were married to her something bad might have happened. Also think about Akhirah seriously. Think about the severity of the punishments in jahannam. Think about the amount of pleasure in jannat. Won't it be better to have a beautiful hoor as a wife in jannat than your cousin in this world? So, dump these thoughts down the drain and fill your schedule with ibadat and other activities. Leave no space in your schedule. Always do zikr of Allah. Then you will become so busy that you will not even get the time to think about her. Al'hamdulillah, this has also worked for me upto some extent. Work hard and worship Allah so that you can get the chane to live better than a king after your death. Wish you every success in this life and the hereafter :)

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Brother focus on your Deen as i would suggest you, Always do Zikr of Allah. Dont Worry you will InshaAllah get good life partner

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