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i remember my parents going through my dairy and getting to know about my crush back in 6th grade they made a big issue out of it. since then i have never shared anything like this with my mum or dad. is it rrally a sin to have a crush om someone. by crush i only mean liking someone not taking a step ahead. and is it okay to have giy friends in early teens. i mean noone at that age has bad intentions. i have been studying in co educatio . and never really saw much difference in girl friends and guy friends.

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It's better to not have a crush or a boyfriend. Your intentions will be good at first, but satan can tempt you to do a sin in a way that you mightn't even notice. So it's best to avoid them. You can talk with gaire mahram if it is important. You should also cover your body parts infront of gaire mahrams.

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