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The Shia Sunni conflict is one of the most devastating fintna faced by the Ummah. The deen was complete at the time of Hadrat Muhammad (may peace be upon him)'s death. The most authentic book we have is Quran which Allah has promised to protect untill the Qiyamat. All the other versions we have regarding the struggle for caliphate are conflicting and cannot be regarded as 100% accurate sources. cant the Muslim scholar both shia and sunni make it haram for Muslims to discuss the fitna which has claimed the lives of companions of Allah's Apostle(may peace be upon him) and claimed lives of millions of Muslims till date. Cant we have a reconciliation among Shia and Sunnis so that we make it haram to discuss the fitna which occured after the Prophet Muhammmad(may peace be upon him)'s death and make it haram to call our self as shias and sunnis. just be Muslims as Rasoolullah(may peace be upon him) wanted us to be, remove all the bidaaths we have added to deen and revert to the true deen as it was in Rasoolullah's (may peace be upon him) lifetime?

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asalaam aleykum;

(sura Al-Madidiah Aya 3) " This day I have perfected for you, your religion and completed My favor upon you and chosen Islam as your religion."

ina Din ind Llah huwa ISLAM

(sura Muhammad Aya 33) " O you who believe! Obey Allah, and Obey His Messenger and render not vain

your deeds."

and another translation

(47:33) Believers, obey Allah and obey the Messenger and do not cause your works to be nullified. *40

*40 In other words, the deeds' being beneficial and yielding of good results depends wholly on one's obedience to Allah and His Messenger. After one has turned away from obedience, no deed remains a good deed so that one may deserve any reward for it.


now; with little thinking please let us answer these few question.

I and you reader do accept Islam and we know that : Allahs DIN "ISLAM" DO I HAVE TO BRING UP THE BY GONE SAHABAS problems and cause division or I have to Follow what Allah and His messengers Message? sooner i receive your trustworthy answers then i might come up with another. thankyou

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@brother El Ebdaa I will give the brother Shamsuddeen your question inshallah he will get back at you. please have patience..salaam

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Yup we can adopt this things very easily . If we just stop talking about shia and sunni conflict then our society half problems will be solved. I himself attached with shia girl for four year. We never discuss about shia and sunni topic. We are just muslims.

Islamic android apps

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asalaam aleykum, thank you mr admin:so are waiting,but i have also to relay a Point -hoping can be considered by many and an answer is not necessary But as a "Point to Ponder" "our big brother if you wand to wipe a certain community;and because of yr own reason YOU ought to consider that -There is a community which Openly declared that ALLAH has a son>a point Why Allah dd not wipe them?and it is from far continent where we buy their products,Is It not a sign that HE IS THE BEST PROVIDER and judge? (wa Atasimu b habl Llah wala tatafaraqu)

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brother I am not a administrator Im just passing on the info to the brothers,I truly believe that this type of dialogue is needed in order to come to a Islamic understanding.

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ok thank you.

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@Kashif Imran, I must begin by saying people will always be on opposite of what they know or truly understand. Let's look at the word "Khalifa," the one who comes after or succeeding another, meaning who comes after or suceeding another, meaning successor, but it also means vicegerent in a position of authority. So Caliph and Khalif have the exact meaning as Khalifa, which means one who is in command over mankind by the command of Allah. (sura Baqarah Aya 30) " When said to the Angels: Verily I appoint a Vicegerent in the earth, they said will you appoint one who will cause mischief and shed blood, while we celebrate thy praise and hollow thy name alone? Allah replied: "Surely I know what you know not." As you can see Adam was appointed to a vicegerent on earth by Allah, and only can a vicegerent be appointed by Allah on earth. As I have stated a khalifa is one who judges by the command of Allah, here is some proof, (sura Sad Aya 26) " O David! Verily We have appointed you a vicegerent in the earth, so judge between the people with justice and follow not vain desires, lest it should take you astray from the way of Allah, for them shall be a chastisement for they forgot the day of reckoning." The word Khalifa has not been made up by historians,it is the word used by Allah in the Qur'an. Let me refer you to when the when the following verse was revealed.(sura Ash shu'ara Aya 214) " and warn thy nearest of kin." According to the leading Sunni Ulema this event was recorded (the occasion of inviting the relaitves to Islam), " The prophet said to the seed of Muttalib: Allah had commanded me to call you unto only Him the one true god and whoever assists me shall be my brother and vicegerent. All of them declined, again they were asked twice more only for Ali to stand up. The Prophet embraced him saying," YOU ARE MY BROTHER AND VICEGERENT... Thus from the very the beginning of the introduction of Islam as a religion Ali was declared to be his vicegerent. The 2nd time was the conquest of Khyber when he said: " You are to me what Aaron was to Moses, 3rd time was the battle of Tabuk repeating the same again,and the 4th was at Ghadir Khum saying whoever I'am master of Ali is Master of he is my vicegerent appointed by Allah. These events have been recorded by the leading ulema of the people of the sunnah and the congregation. (sura Hashr Aya 7) " And whatever he gives you, accept it, and whatever he forbids you, keep back from it, be careful of your duty to Allah, surely Allah is most severe in retribution." There are so many proofs in the Qur'an and the sunnah regarding tha one could fill volumes, this should be enough for you to further your research,and as I said before if the so called sunni's are willing to give up their innovations then maybe we can come to a common ground. Allah is our Lord, Qur'an is our Law. BY SHAMSUDDENN ALI MUHAMMAD FADLULLAH

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**asalaam aleykum; what am trying to bring to the attention of all sunis and shia etc; is LET US SAY SUPPOSE if sahabas like Ali ibn Mutalib (r.a) came to your site and asked HAVE YOU ORDERED PEOPLE TO PROSTRATE AND HOLD AS A FLAG BARER OF ISLAM? have you ordered people to chant Ali ali. Fatma fatma. Hussein hussein, hassan hassan, etc instead of La Ilaha Ila Lllah Muhammad RasuluLaah? What answer would you like to relay to us alis replyn will be be? while Issa ibn maryam(aleyhi salaam) he will clearly stated on the day of judgement:_

(5:116) And imagine when thereafter Allah will say: 'Jesus, son of Mary, did you say to people: "Take me and my mother for gods beside Allah?" *130 and he will answer: "Glory to You! It was not for me to say what I had no right to. Had I said so, You would surely have known it. You know all what is within my mind whereas I do not know what is within Yours. You, indeed You, know fully all that is beyond the reach of human perception.

Clearly statement of his Prophet Issa(a.s)(SO what do you expect of sahaba Alis reply?

further more my dear brothers; Did sahaba alis bravery intentions was to be as the cause of sections talking his bravery? or he did to win the pleasure of ALLAH? AND HIS PARADISE? I appreciate your calm and cool response I understand this is just a discussion and an eye opener for the dual parties.**

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Brother I will pass all of your statements and answers and inshallah the brother will get back with you.please have patience.salaam

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@El Ebdaa, in response to your statement, let me begin by saying man is concealed beneath his tongue, when he speaks it is either his knowledge or his ignorance that will be revealed. In your case it is your ignorance that has revealed itself, and you should plead to Allah to open your breast to be filled with knowledge and understanding. We have been commanded to obey Allah and His Messenger, in many Qur'anic injunctions here is an example: (24:54 " Obey Allah, Obey His Messenger.") This can be only done by adherence to the Qur'an and the authentic sunnah of the Messenger of Allah. A muslim is one who enjoin the good and forbid the evil (3:110). The Qur'an and the authentic sunnah is the truth and goodness. Whatever goes against it is a evil which should be shunned, as of the likes of innovations and it's unbelieving people.

People are to be placed in two catergories, followers of the Qur'an and authentic sunnah,and those that follow innovations which are not legislated by Allah and His Messenger. Many companions have turned back on their heels and brought about innovations into the religion of Islam, which is the same as an apostate. Let me give you an example from the sunnah, (Bukhari, " The prophet said: On doomsday while I will be standing erect, a group will be advancing towards me. When I recognize them a man will come between me and them and lead them to hell-fire. I will ask about the reason, and I will be answered: they apostated and turned back just after you. Except a few of them, none will be saved.") If only a few will be saved from the hell-fire, then you must examine the qualities of the companions, to make sure you are not taking from one who final abode is the hell-fire. (Bukhari, " People from among my companions shall be taken to the left. I will say: They are my companions. I will be answered: since you departed them, they kept on apostazing.") Also, I shall refer you to the following qur'anic injunction. (51:9 " He will be turned away from it who is to be turned away.")

These specific companions turned away from guidance due to their desire of this world to be condemned in the next. All because of their deviation and innovations they are in error away from the straight path. (14:3 " Those who love for this world is more than the hereafter,and turn from the path of Allah and seek to make it crooked; these are in error far away.")

Traditions have been related by companions, so it becomes mandatory to examine their qualities. So I say this to you El Ebdaa you should really refrain from speaking on matters that you have not any knowledge of, because truth will always overcome falsehood. Your lack of knowledge of this matter is the reason I tell you, when Allah intends to humiliate a person, He denies him knowledge. I mean not to insult you or anyone I'am only givining you the Qur'an and the authenic sunnah. You can accept it in obedience or reject it in deviation awaiting the hell-fire. I shall pray that you give up your deviant ways,and accept the truth of Islam in its original form. Allah is our Lord,the qur'an is our law , and Muhummad is our prophet, ALLAHU AKBAR! BY SHAMSUDDEEN ALI MUHAMMAD FADLULLAH

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Now to brother sunis;

why hate i mean is now as clear as an ice; collaborating with unbelievers? Allah has given human race a free WILL and Kuran is with both parties; i should ask or let us say one is to ask himself; WHY CHRISTIANS ARE NOT causing hat rage to Jews as they are the ones who (bragged that)they killed Issa?

I am puzzled to see people changing for the late sahabas, while christians never came out beating their chest as he was done this and that so we are his matrys.

(98:4) Nor did those to whom the Book had been given split up until after the Proof (of the Right Way) had come to them. *6

(98:5) Yet all that they had been commanded was that they serve Allah, with utter sincerity, devoting themselves exclusively to Him, and that they establish Prayer and pay Zakah. That is the Right Faith. *7

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@ brother Shamsudin

PLEASE TRY TO BE POLITE i understand this is not the way of AS HAAB DAAWA,whatever you have stated about me i Forgive you it could be one of the two Sheitan or being not familiar with Propagating Islam.

May i please have the meaning of that surah ABOUT ALLAH OPENING MY HEART? and as much as you could make me understand;

Jazaka Llah kheir.

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brother;shamsudin anxiosly i am waiting for that surat;dont b like those who give up Without being gained or Gain. Am lucky and bcause of u-and if u kp silent how and with i wll talk? This goes with you withholdining the knowledge while Ali is that door we can pass (Prophet Muhammads'(s.a.w)words. While u have knowledge and if yowm kiyama asked asked why iddnt strive hare for knowledge from ahl byt I will point a finger to u As now u keep silent

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brother I passed your answer on to him and I ask that you have patience, I told you before that the brother is in a unique situation for the sake of Allah. so please bear with him. salaam

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jazaka Llah kheir

(Jun 07 '13 at 05:51) el ebdaa el%20ebdaa's gravatar image


Thank you everybody who has taken time out and answered my question.

From the comments i read i came to some conclusions

  1. Most of the Muslims irrespective of which sect they are born in believe some where in their heart that dividing the Ummah into sects is wrong and this division is causing great loss to the Ummah
  2. There are misguided people in all these sects who are fanatic about their sects and believe that Muslims who are from other sects are evil some even go to the extend of calling them Kafirs and declaring them wajibulqatl
  3. There is a continuous effort being made by enemies of Islam and Muslims to divide the Muslims into sects and create strong hatred and wars between sects.
  4. All learned and rightly guided men from all these sects should consider them self only as Muslims rather then calling themself shia,sunni etc. I really liked the answer of a new convert to Islam when asked whether he was shia or sunni? He replied

"I am not a shia nor a sunni, I am just a Muslim as the Prophet of Allah Muhammad(may peace be upon Him) wanted us all to be".

I hope this will be the answer given by all Muslims when asked about which sect they belong to! 5. Rather than calling people from other sects as kafirs or ordering killing of people we must organize discussions where Ulema iqraam from all these sects will discuss the issues in light of Quran and sahi Ahadeeth and reach a common aggreement on all major issues and get rid of all bidaath which have come up in the Ummah and restrict the Deen to what it was when Muhammad(may peace be upon Him) left us.

  1. Small issues like where to tie hands during Namaz on chest, stomach etc must be ignored. Such minor issues should not be basis of creating enemity among us.

  2. we should visit mosques belonging to each and every sect and pray according to what one believes is the most authentic way how the Prophet(may peace be upon Him) tought us. People in all mosques must be tolerant to others who may deviate a little while offering namaz.

  3. we must encourage inter-sect marriages so that we can get united and dissolve the sects and form one strong united Ummah

9.The least we can do is stop calling ourself as any particular sect and just call ourself Muslims and spread the message to others

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@Believers, this answer I'm about to post is from a brother I hold dear to my heart, fisibi Allah, who is Shia. I posed the question asked to him and this is his response, do to his current situation he can not join on us on this site,so I will give your response and I will post his reply InshaAllah, with that said lets proceed. Bismillah ir Rahman irRahim, I was asked a question that was posted on your site regading how can the fitnah end between the Shia and Sunni. Let there be not any misunderstanding about this, Shia'ism is another distinguishing name for the Orinignal Qur'anic faith. In short, it is nothing more or less than Islam Original. The term which is used for faithful believing Muslims, adhering to the teachings of Rasoolullah sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam and his household is Shia, if there is any group other than what has been stated, they are newly started sect and sub sects deviating from the Original Course. Their newly invented beliefs and practices are innovations which are to be rejected, because there is no room in this relegion that Allah has chosen and perfected. (sura Al-Madidiah Aya 3) " This day I have perfected for you, your religion and completed My favor upon you and chosen Islam as your religion." Are you willing to give up your deviant ways, and accept what has been legislated by Allah and His Messenger, which is Islam in its Original form? The difference between the faithful believers, being the Shia, and Muslims by only name, the Suuni's, can never be put aside. This is because of the Sunni's rejection of the divine legislation of Allah and His Messenger, along with the correct interpretations of the Qur'an and the Sunnah. Anyone who is upon this should be aware that there deeds will be in vain, and here is some proof. (sura Muhammad Aya 33) " O you who believe! Obey Allah, and Obey His Messenger and render not vain your deeds." It was report from Aisha that Rasoolullah sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: Whoever does any action which our affair is not in accordance with, it is to be rejected." (Bukharee,Muslim) Innovation has many forms as the likes of these new deviant sects, and all of them,including their beliefs and practices should not be taken lightly. Innovation is the seed of unbelief planted in the firm soil of this very religion by deviant individuals. The very roots of this tree of disbelief, from which the seed will grow into, must be destroyed, there is no good in innovation or its people and as long as one holds this view they should be shunned. Allah is our Lord. The Qur'an is our Law, Rasoolullah sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam is our Messenger. Allahu Akbar. By Shamsuddeen Ali Muhammad Fadlullah

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Yaqin how to know what is correct way? I know only Sunni and they teach me. If you can please answer me in community personal message, so we don't flood this page lol

(Jun 01 '13 at 01:07) sadie ♦ sadie's gravatar image

@sadie This brother and I have been debating for years on the subject and we have one thing in common and that is kalima shahadah after that we differ onething I do know is that something went on back then and we are subjected to the aftermath so the only right way I can tell you is to follow the Qur'an and the authenticated sunnah, study hard and beg Allah to increase you in I must ask you for you used the term,what is a sunni? and was our Prophet may Allah bless him,that?

(Jun 01 '13 at 02:49) yaqin ♦ yaqin's gravatar image

Im Muslim. I said all the Muslims I know say they are Sunni . They are who teach me. I would assume Sunni means they follow the sunnah... ? I don't know that's what im asking you.

(Jun 01 '13 at 03:19) sadie ♦ sadie's gravatar image

Ahlul sunnah is the term used by the scholars of old which is the people of the sunnah.In my opinion and you don't have accept it for I have no proof, is that the term was coined to combat the term Ahlul Bayit which the shia use which is the people of the house.It is a fact that the Rasul may Allah have mercy on him did not consider himself a sunni or a shia.Both claim to follow the sunnah they differ at who they accept their traditions from,sister I have studied from both points of view and I have come to the conclusion that both sides have valid points.but my success is on what I do.

(Jun 01 '13 at 04:04) yaqin ♦ yaqin's gravatar image

what makes a sunni? and what makes a sufi?

(Jun 07 '13 at 03:09) sadie ♦ sadie's gravatar image

sister a sunni in my opinion is one who accepts the order of the khalifa's starting with abu bakr and they accept the traditons reported by all of the companions, the sufi are those that fell into mystic teachings of the orient though they some sects of sufi claim to follow the sunnah making them sunnis also,I leave it to Allah to judge in that in which we differ.sister i follow the qur'an and the authenticated sunnah, if anything goes against that I reject it and i don't care who says it, for I know the scholars of the deen mean well but they are not the Rasul sws.

(Jun 07 '13 at 04:52) yaqin ♦ yaqin's gravatar image

ok My understanding was correct then. Thank you.

(Jun 08 '13 at 03:27) sadie ♦ sadie's gravatar image
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