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Assallam walaeikom wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu Recently I've come to know that a new sect of muslims exist in our area called the "Ehle Hadis" who claim to be on the exact path of the prophet. The way they pray is a touch different too: resting their arms on their chest and raising their arms every time before and after going to ruku. Also the thing that confuses me is the little "Optional" dua they recite right after getting back up from the ruku. I sometimes go to "their" mosque cuz i don't believe in divisions among muslims. Will my salah be valid behind such an imam?

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Well lifting your hand u don't need to do it but it is vey googd to do

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Wa alakum asalaam. Ok I need to see if I understand correctly. They say allahu akbar then raise their hands to start prayer. Put their hands as usual but on the chest (so its higher up than usual) Say fatihah and other Then say allahu akbar raise hands then do raku. When finished do they say something like, Samiaa allaho liman hamida rabana laka elhamdu WA choke..(?) Then straighten to stand raise hands while saying allahu akbar Is this what your saying?

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Walayekum Assalaam. Your salah will be valid Inshallah. The Prophet (may peace be upon him) asked us to follow the moderate path and he advised us not go to extremes in matters of religion. So it is better to stick to salah, zikr on the way of the majority of Muslim ummah. May Allah swt keep us all on the straight path.

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@saddle-yeah they do say Samiaa allaho liman hamida but also a short dua or surah after that which they call optional. i think i'd rather not stress over it and continue with my good deeds and leave the rest to Allah (swt).

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