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He has not taken a wife or a son.( In the Holy Quran It is Stated Chapter no 72,verse no 3, whereas it stated in The Holy Quran Chapter no 112, verse no 3.

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I don't understand what are you trying to ask?

its mentioned many times in Quran, that Allah has no wife or son.

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As-salamu 'alaikum wa ra'hmatullahi wa barakatuhu wa maghfiratuhu.

Answer to Q-1. The verse you quoted has a different meaning. The line "Allah hasn't taken a wife or children" doesn't mean that ( I seek refuge in Allah from even saying this ) Allah is of male gender. Rather it means that Allah is the most high and he is free from the rumors people spread about him. He is not like us humans and he doesn't have or need a wife. Christianity says that Prophet 'Isa ('Alaihi salam) is the son of God. Na'uthubillah. This is one of the greatest lies about Allah. The verses like the one you quoted tell us that these rumors are completely false and believers should never believe these lies. It doesn't mean that Allah has a gender. Normally We take 'He' as male gender and as it was mentioned in the verse that 'He hasn't taken a wife or children', it appears to an unskilled reader that this refers to the gender of Allah. That's why reading tafsirs are so important.
Answer to Q-2. Yes, the quoted verse appears in Sura Jinn, chapter 72 and it is the third verse. Sura Ikhlas, chapter 112, verse 3 says "Lam yaliid wa lam yulad" (He begot none nor was He begotten). It has some similarities with the verse you quoted from Sura Jinn.

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As Salam Ale Kum the other reason is that when we refer to humanity we say mankind but does it mean that we only refer to man? Hence here He cannot be taken for a particular sex and Allah is above mankind and has no sex.

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