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in Quran , Allah always mentions the Christians and Jews as the nations who have gone astray . now there are other nation in the world as per islam who are also following the wrong path. ie: hindu, buddhist or other religions. why did Allah only mention these specific two nations ?

also He generalized all the others as worshiper of statues but budhhists do not worship this at are not they deviated? i need a specific answer on this deviation..

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I will just say one precise thing God clearly said in Quran God is only one and if you worship other then this then you will be out of islam. If you want authentic hadis then you need to read hadiths go to myislamiapps

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God is one, He is the most forgiving.

So, not to condone constantly sinning then asking for forgiveness, but realize, God can forgive what is hard for any man to forgive.

What is not possible with man is possible with God.

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hmm...i think its because in Judaism and Christianity they only believe in one god.... The Jews have many of the same beliefs as Muslims...and the Christians were brought astray by the Jews.

where as other religions are more of just cults and man made religions. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are the 3 main religions in the world and will always be.

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