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> *> For the present crisis dominated Islam

countries so far!!!**


Please relay your saying i meant at least IF it was and or it should be done to the most.* easing these tensions.

**note: No Force.

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asalaam aleykum;

i think i will have to speak so other may hear and speak too.

  1. the question

..Why do many Muslims immigrate to European countries

if i may say "is it because

of bread and butter?

*or what else....Please share with me.. to this will enable ourselves to at least

speak Referring the Subject.



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asalaam aleykum

Am back......

Islamically....from beginning of sura Al Baqara to amlost all surahs we are being informed that

(2:3) who believe in the unseen 4 , establish the Salats 5 and expend (in Our way) out of what We have bestowed on them; *6

amlost all coutries have their natural resorces, Are these for pocketing or for

and expend (in Our way) out of what We have bestowed on them; *6 (Also) the question and answer is to within our "SELF"

"Thank you"

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My estimated seemingly solution IS


if for the UNAFFECTED countries so far is TO increase the salaries-and not for workers but every citizen is to get similar to BREAD AND BUTTER and most important is Housing those who cannot afford.

Do you think any better means ?

countries like Libya what a huge amount of money spent for Arms and ammunition now it was killing whom,and now see Syria.......because we humans of BUKHUL THIS IS THE RESULT

and about the EFFECTED countries let those who are struggling to bring down those IT IS FOR THEM TO MAKE SURE OF MONEY MONEY LOOK FOR YOUR CITIZIENS....

Example ....a small county by the leadership of late (Allah Yurhamu..Amin) sheikh Zaid of ABUDhabi...look at UAE citizens are happy Salary dwelling places etc...what remains as faults is human nature.

SO A ROTTEN PAWPWA(Papaya) but forks and knifes every one to get his/her * slice


(Kuran Kareem is with Us...but do we heed it?)

thank you for listening.

abjad. 2012

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asalaam aleykum, As i have stated that Yes they do COME not immigrating and they too don't Bring to us what they themselves DO NOT DO AT THEIR COUNTRIES

well ask me what is that? what we do then when overseas... this is fact and true we start over there to Put HIJAB AND NIKAB and by MALES as preaching Islam while here at our countries THE RESULT IS PLAIN TRUTH what do you think is this the way of Islam we are now fighting killings? even those fat muslims leaders Instead of "Reconciliation" and Maudhat Hasanaa is OPPOSITE see open our eyes who is KOFI Anan and that Japanese...are they muslims POLITELY with high respect and all this because of humanity WE MUSLIMS were suppose do like that ........

Anyhow.....a rotten pawpaw but eatable could you manage to get a slice of .. without crunching it?(pawpaw)

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asalaam aleykum.

Not only bread and butter they housed you they look job for you and when employed you too being deducted from your pay and help others as you have been help Yes? Not only that we get that freedom (education civilized living-when i stated freedom even of building mosques etc)

So what are we suppose to repay in Islamic way? if you are a real believer of our Kitab?

Search in surat "Arahmaan"{al Ihsaan Bil Ihsaan}

Now let us ask ourselves What about they Europeans do they come to us-very similar to us immigrating there?

I need your at least this reply Yes Or No... but beginning from myself i will say Yes and No (i have reasons for that! yet your contribution is really necessary.

thank you.

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