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we have been having little problems for a while. but we still luv each other and now he tells me that he loves a girl he met two days ago and that he still loves .he says nothing serious is between them. am so mad ryt now i cant think straight. help me with advice.

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Make dua for your husband. He should lower his gaze. It is unfair for him to put you in this position. It is totally unacceptable. What does he mean nothing is serious? How can you love someone then say it is not serious. He loves you, is that not serious? May Allah swt forgive him for putting you through this. If your husband can't work his problems out and creates further mischief then you must be strong and demand a reason for his behaviour. Would he tolerate this attitude from you? Seek sabr from Allah swt and do not become angry, you don't want to behave in a manner that Allah swt would disapprove.

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