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Salaam Aleikum,

My husband and I are expecting a baby in September. Because of Dutch laws it is not possible to give a last name, or rather series of names, as how they do in Sudan. My name is Fenna (first name) ten Berge (last name) My husbands name is Mohammed (his name) AlRasheed (father), Altaib (grandfather) Mohammed(great grandfather). According to Dutch law our child's name would be (assuming we give the name 'child'): Child Alrasheed Altaib Mohammed, so my husband wouldn't even be acknowledged as the father! Can I name the baby: Child Mohammed Alrasheed Altaib ten Berge? Or is that too disrespectful towards him and his family? Also should a husband attend the birth itself? I don't know if it's a good idea as I feel he can be too involved and distract me from the giving birth. Many thanks in advance for your answer. P.S. I converted to Islam not too long ago so if I addressed you impolitely please accept my apologies.

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u have to give it ur husbands last name ofc

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As-salaamu ‘alaikum.

In the Qur’an it states: ‘Call them (your children) after their fathers. That is most just in the sight of Allah. If you know not their fathers, then call them after your brothers in faith and your patrons. There is no blame on you if you make a mistake but you are accountable for what is done intentionally. Allah is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful." (Al-‘Ahzab).

In Sharia the child must be named after the father even if the father is deceased or divorced; even if he does not take care of the child or see him at all. It is haram to name a child after anyone other than his father, except when the child is born as the result of adultery. In this case the child should be named after his mother, and it is not permissible to name him after his father.

My son became a Muslim in 2001, and changed his first name. He retained his family name (my surname); and this is the name carried by my three grandchildren. Their mother, on the other hand, is known by her father’s name. When my granddaughter marries (Inshallah) she will keep her father’s name; but any children will carry the name of their father.

As for your husband attending the birth of your child: I can’t give you any authority on this. My heart (and experience) tells me that his being there would not be a good idea; and for the reasons you have stated. It is very likely that the hospital would not permit his presence in any case, should they learn of the state of your relationship.

May I wish you, and your baby, every blessing.

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Salaam Aleikum,

Thank you so much for your answer. I really appreciate it. If the Dutch government acknowledges my husband as the father (which is not sure yet) I will make sure to give the baby as last name the names of his grandfather and greatgrandfather. And I'll just give the baby a second first name, the name of my husband. And if the baby cannot be acknowledged by the father I will give the baby 4 first names, Baby father grandfather greatgrandfather, and my last name. So even though in a Dutch passport it might not very clear who the father is, at least I gave my baby his /hers fathers name. I will also contact an Imam on the issue fur further advice just to be sure. I hope this will be sufficient. Thank you for your insight on the attending of the birth. jazaka Allahukheiran

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Aleikum assalaam.

You're very welcome. May Allah bless you, and the wee one, and give you peace of heart and mind; and for all of your lives.

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