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Salamualaykum, I am only a teenager and I have such fears about everyone I love being in danger or being tortured .last week I watched a horrible video of muslims being tortured(women,men,children, young and old) in Burma and I saw a baby get beaten up and the mother was crying and some of the people s feet and legs were on fire and they couldn't move and they were crying.Does Allah give pain to children and old people?. I cried every night from then I just have no hope left and I keep wishing that god will save them but it doesn't seem to be like that.(Same with people in Pakistan, Afhanistan etc.)muslims everywhere are suffering and its not fair. Please give a dua to ALLAH for patience and to strengthen my faith.I feel we as muslims need to stand up to the likes of the terrists budists monks who torture innocent muslims. And I also have another question I feel really alone even though I am not and I often wish god would send me a message or talk to me, is that normal?and can it happen?

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Hi Sajida

I am a christian so cant answer your questions from a muslim perspective, but as someone who believes that we both (both meaning christians and muslims) seek to know the same one creator god, this is something I think many people struggle with.
We see horrible things happening everywhere in this world, and so many of them seem to be attacks upon innocent people because of their religon.
Are you worried about being in danger because you and/or your family live in a country or region of a country where these sort of horrific things have occured? Or are you a muslim in a country where this does not happen - but simply seeing what is happening to other people of your faith has (not surprisingly) frightened and upset you? The reason I ask that as I feel as though maybe god wishes to speak to you about those events, and what he is saying might depend on where you live. If you do not live in a country where these terrible things happen, maybe god has caused you to see these videos because he wants you to do something to help. "You might think Ïm only a teenager - what can I do?" But there are many things... You can give any spare money you have to support those people (even if it is a small amount - imagine if everyone in the world gave the same small amount - it would suddenly be a very large amount. You can also raise awareness amongst your own friends and family, and via online tools such as facebook.
And you could do some research on buddism (I cant say I know much about it) and see if there is any well respected 'famous'buddhist who publically promotes peace and tolerance, then see if you can find their email or an email/mail address for them or the buddist temple (or whatever they call it) they belong to. Then write them a letter saying how you feel and asking them to make a public statement to the buddhists who are doing terrible things. A statement that will maybe make some of those people reconsider what they are doing. You could also ask all your friends and family to sign the letter before you send it.

If, you live near the places where these things are happening, it mayb be that god is telling you you need to leave. Or that he is simply wanting you to be alert and aware when you go about your daily business. Again if you are a teenager you probably think, what can I do? I cant move I am dependant on my family. But you are not. You are dependant on God, and god can make all sorts of wonderful things happen, - I know, I have seen and experienced this personally. So you could simply pray to god "Please help me, if you have lead me to watch these videos because you wish me to take specific action to ensure my safety and that of my family - please show me what to do, please make it possible for my family to leave this place and go somewhere safe, god I cannot effect this change in circumstance myself, as you know. So If this is your will, then I need you to make this possible. If it is not possible, or not in your will for my family to leave this place, please show me how to hear your voice, please send angels to guard me and my family and my neighbours every day, and please grant us discernment to hear your word and act immediately - should we be in danger.

For your second question. About feeling alone. I will share my own personal experience My own personal experience - is that before I became a christian (I was - I suppose an athiest - did not believe in a god who was real, and who was actively interested in me, and who loved me and was always with me. Many times I wished I did not feel so alone, and I would ask god, plead even, if you are out there please reveal yourself to me.

I never felt gods presence or believed he existed - from anything except a purely logical, philosophical point of view. When I became a christian it was a spur of the moment decision, and I to this day, cant say why at that moment I decided to 'do it'(make the statement of faith a christian makes to be reborn). But I did, and even as I did it, I really didnt expect anything to be different. However, when I made that statement things were different IMMEDIATELY. Straight away, my fear of death (I had always as a child been terrified by the fact that one day I will die - not of the pain of death but simply of the nothingness of not existing any more, and never existing again). That fear had been with me my whole life - nothing could ever take it away, all I could do was try and not think about it. When I accepted god, immediately that fear was gone. Simply gone. There is simply no way I could have ever just convinced myself to let go of that fear. I can only say that god took it from me. Or a deeper subconscious part of me I have no conscious control of, recognized that I was saved, and thus there was no longer any reason to fear death. The other thing that happened at the same time, is the emptyness that I think was always there (I do believe that all people who dont know god have this - its because we were created to know and love god, and even if our mind does not understand it, or subconsciousness knows, when he is not in our life and it grieves this separation at the core of our person. Anyway - the moment I was saved - I can honestly tell you, that emptiness was gone. And it has never returned. Dont get me wrong, I still have bad days where I feel I cant do anything right, and nothing is going well, and feel that my friends, colleagues or family dont understand me - that sort of thing. But it is different. No matter how bad my day has been or what difficulties are occuring in my life, there is NEVER EVER, that 'desolate'(thats the word that comes to my mind when i think of the empty alone feeling that I always had even when I was 'happy', before I came to know christ (isa)). That aloneness - that dark, desolate, hopeless feeling lonliness - I have never ever felt that since I was saved (about 2.5 yrs ago). I have also had many many occasions where I have asked god for a message, and he has given me an answer. Not by a voice in my head (though that has happened on 3 occasions), but by many signs occuring after I asked god to show me what I needed to do or know about a situation in my life. Many times those signs have been really uncanny - like someone has just started talking about something, and suddenly said "I feel I have to say" then basically described my situation or problem in detail and what they feel god wants me to do (and this is always people who hve no idea of my situation and couldnt possibly know it)

Another thing that often works for me is I will ask god a specific question, and ask him to give me a sign, then if at home I will flip open my bible and read whatever it opens at. Or when not at home, I have asked him to put a sign on the side of the road if I am driving, or another car o the road, or one time in a plane, I got a very specific answer (which included the name of a close family member I had asked about) when I looked at the in-flight magazine. The first time I ever heard gods voice speak to me was about 2 years before I was saved - but every other time has been after. And I found that reading the bible, or any other research or attempts to learn about or understand god, did not really make me feel as though I had been answered. But after I was saved, its like - I did not expect god to actually show up when I asked him into my life - and I was totally blown away when he actually did. I looked into other religons before becomming a christian, including islam at one point. The one experience where I heard gods voice clearly speak to me, was when I was considering islam (anyone who wishes may msg me if they would like to know what happened). I have also heard many stories about the fact that many muslim people have had personal encounters with Isa, in dreams and visions. It feels to me that god has a very very special love for the people of Islam, and it seems that he will actively pursue those people.

I know you are muslim, and therefore dont believe that my faith is the right one, but I would ask, if you really want to know god, that you think about simply asking, him, - as in praying to 'the one god who created the heavens and the earth and who created you' to show you how to find him and know him. Tell god that you wish to know him, and encounter his presence. That if you are on the right path currently to do this, that he confirm that to you, and give you a sign of this. And equally that if you are not on the path that will bring you to a personal knowledge and experience of god, that god should give you a very clear sign of this, and ask that he also show you what you need to do to know him, and bring into your life people who he can use to guide you on the right path. You could also ask that God bind any demons (Jinn) from deceiving you with false signs or messages, and ask that he take away any deception in, or around you, so that you can receive and hear his voice and understand his message for you when it comes. I don't think (Muslims correct me if I am wrong here) that anything in the above suggested prayer, would be going against your Islamic faith. As you would be simply asking the one true god who created the heavens and the earth to show you how to find him, and asking him to protect you from deception and false messages.
I might be a christian, but I do believe we both seek to know the same god, who created us both, and I know that he is real, and he does love you very very much, and if the most important thing to you, is to seek the one true god, and to know him, and have him know you, that if you ask him - he will show you who he is, and how you can find him.

Please keep praying, and seeking god

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Thank you for you answer, I am honoured that you would write so much for me. I will take your advice and pray for your contribution and that Allah helps you in your troubles.

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Please do come back to this forum and let everyone know what happens. I pray that god will bless you and your family and keep you all safe.

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