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Salam brothers and sisters im just a teenager but i have been thinking lately if we live to worship allah (SWT) and obey his every commmands and yet we still disobey allah (SWT) then what is the point of our existence if allah (SWT) has already set our life and knows what we will do (good and bad) and whether we will end up in janah or the hell fire? Also ive heard that in the quran it says our life is set by allah (SWT)before we are born and if we are born to end up in janah can our fate change to end up in the hell fire and vise versa?

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i dont understand why y live either. i used to think when i was little that the world was like Gods doll house. maybe it kinda is.

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Scientifically speaking, we live to provide the earth with another link in all biological chains (for example, food chain) and further improve the ape gene. The meaning of life is to continue our species' existence through reproduction and the spreading of our kind around the world. Philosophically speaking, I think we're merely the top dogs so far of an enterprise through Allah that decides who gets to pray and go to an afterlife. Maybe we'll eventually die off and lose our spot to dolphins (it's recently been discovered that they have language! Mind blown!)? I don't know. Either way though, the meaning of life is to keep our existence eternal.

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salam I can use an example :

imagine a lazy student in school, his teacher knows that he will not succeed in his lessons. but if his teacher's knowledge, forced the student to be lazy or be unsuccessful in his lessons ? not at all. the student was free to make decisions about working hard or being lazy, but the teacher have knowledge about the result of student choices.

now extend this example to the Allah knowledge about us. He exactly know our decisions in our whole life because of His knowledge. decisions that we make by our full free rights.

Now : why do we live ?

another example :

If I give you the opportunity to work in Google company from tomorrow (or any best place you like to work at) and ask you nothing instead. you have choices to follow the company rules and advance your progress and get promotion or be lazy and get fired.

this is why we live. Allah gave us the chance to make our way to humanity and heaven and living in peace beside of Allah, our lord, for ever. the rest is upon us.

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Our Taqdeer is written by Allah the most exalted But the religous views we hold and act upon depend on us like praying etc. Doing Worship is in our hands .The heavens are filled with angels prostating before their Lord all the time. No angel has a free will of his own . Allah made humans and jinns so that they may worship Him but at the same time Allah also gave them free will to choose. This is the way Allah tests the "Insaan" and the "Jinnaat" by letting them live in this world This world is nothing but a taste of deception, a number of days and a test for the real life !

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Allah have not set our destination . It is us . We are the architects of our own destruction .He knows what will happen , and even though He can control a person's free will and personal actions , He does bot . Do not blame Him subconsciously , it is illogical . Before everything , When all the souls were gathered and was told of Earth and Islam , we all said that we would follow Him , but in reality , many had already planned to disobey him .

WE already made a choice , we are here only to know why we made that choice

Allah has created us only to worship him . Worship , in Islam , is not like any other religion . You don't have to serve Him . He doesn't require any service , He is absolute and eternal . He needs no help . In Greek myth , if u worship zeus , zeus gets stronger .

But if you pray 5 times a day ... does Allah get stronger ?? .... no . He is the only strength and existence . Compared to his strength and infinite dimensional existence , we don't exist , or i can say ,we are nothing .

As i was saying , Worship , in Islam , is not like any other religion . I mean , if u get married and make love to your wife , you are worshiping Allah . Do you have any idea how lucky we weak humans are ?

I can go on like this , but i do not feel like typing anymore .

Do not confuse knowledge with control . Allah has both knowledge and control over everything . We , our free will and actions , are free from His control (by His own will , we have no power to be immune to His control) , but in no way , free from His knowledge .

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