Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmat ullah ......

A piece of paper , with Arabic writing , which origin is unknown , was found in my mother's handbag today . I am giving the image of it ....... sorry for the poor quality of it ....

We most likely fear that it could be black magic , for our family has been the subject of it by our enemies in the past . We strongly and deeply believe in the existence of Black magic because we have suffered a lot in the past because of it . But we believe in he might and power of Allah in more because that is what cured us in the past .

So my question , can anyone understand the writing ? Is it black magic ? should we be worried ?

Please answer "if" and only "if" you are knowledgeable about this matter , and i would greatly appreciate if anyone can tell me the meaning of the words in it .

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yes it can be black magic and it definitely has bad effect on its subject send me that piece of paper the clear picture i will tell you exactly weather it is black magic or not here is my email also you can talk to me add me in skype id is islamhomes2

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