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Why does the punishment of sins in this world, doesn't affect foreigners but affects wrong doing Muslims, like Adultery, Homosexuality, not praying and Alcohol drinking? I mean why are Foreign Countries doing all these sins and still doing more than Ok, while wrong doing muslims get punished in this world and the other, I'm not objecting ofcourse, I'm just curious to know.

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Yes sort of and I know where you are coming from, Look at it this way islam is the one true religion and on the day of judgement god will punish non muslims right? So if islam is the true religion and you can only be a true muslim if only you have not given into what has been made haram to you and is you do give in then you will have to be punished cause god allowed you to be on the straight path and god told you that this world will be a pain but it will not last forever.The non muslims are going to be punished anyway so god will give them joy and success so that on the day of judgement they wont have a reason to complain.

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asalaam aleykum;

doesn't affect foreigners

i did not understand what is really meant by FOREGNERS

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Salamualaykum, I just wanted to say that things like that effect muslims like that because this is a big part of the test on the world and allah wants to test how you have noticed and your probably frustrated and then if you are not strong enough(im not referring to you in person im talking in general) so if you not strong than your going to join in and dink alcohol etc. God wants you to think about what you religion means to you and the lengths your going to go through to stay in the religion. And also remember that shaytan is whispering in you ear telling you these things.

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Do you mean, Allah punishes wrong doing muslims in this world to repent and leaves disbelievers to keep commiting sins for the great punishment in the afterlife.

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Sins affect everyone and everyone will be punished or rewarded for their good and bad deeds. Im not quite sure what your asking or what you mean.

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What I mean is that Muslim countries have the highest poverty rate and health problems, while other European countries have good health and long living rich population while they commit adultery, Homosexuality and Alcoholics drinks, Prophet Muhammed ( Pbuh) said that adulterers will have short life span and misfortune, nearly all of the European countries populations commited zina, do you get my point, although they have one of the longest average life spans.

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