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But, first, think for a while: What does the word Muslim’, which we all use so often,really mean? Can a person a Muslim simply because he is the son or grandson of a Muslim?

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Is a Muslim born a Muslim just as a Hindu Brahman’s son is a Brahman, or an Englishman’s son is born an Englishman, or a white man’s son is born a white man, or a Negro’s son is born a Negro? Are ‘Muslims’ a race, a nationality or a caste? Do Muslims belong to the Muslim Ummah like Aryans belong to the Aryan race? And, just as a Japanese is a Japanese because he is born in Japan, is a Muslim similarly a Muslim by being born in a Muslim country? Your answer to these questions will surely be: No. A Muslim does not become truly a Muslim simply because he is born a Muslim. A Muslim is not a Muslim because he belongs to any particular race; he is a Muslim because he follows Islam. If he renounces Islam, he ceases to be a Muslim. Any person, whether a Brahman or a Rajput, an Englishman or a Japanese, a white or a black, will, on accepting Islam, become a full member of the Muslim community; while a person born in a Muslim home may be expelled from the Muslim community if he gives up following Islam, even though he may be a descendant of the prophet, an Arab or Pathan. Such will surely be your answer to my question. This establishes that the greatest gift of Allah which you enjoy-that of being a Muslim-is not something automatically inherited from your parents, which remains yours for life by right irrespective of your attitudes and behaviour. It is a gift which you must continually strive to deserve if you want to retain it; if you are indifferent to it, it may be taken away from you, God forbid.

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Islam is a natural religion.ANY CHILD Given birth to today is born in ISLAM AND HE IS A MUSLIM. But when the parents change his religion The child is no longer a muslim.[EXPLANATION OF A HADITH]. If he keeps following Islam then he is a muslim. A PERSON CAN NOT BE A MUSLIM BECAUSE HE IS SON TO A MUSLIM. THe child when he knows right from wrong has to have his own personal belief.ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION OF INHERITANCE. What if the parents,grand parents change their religion WILL HE ALSO CHANGE? So a MUSLIM IS A PERSON WHO HAS ABSOLUTELY AND UNCONDITIONALLY BROUGHT IMAN AND SUBMITTED TO THE LAWS OF ALLAH SUBHANA WATA'ALA AND HIS RASULSALLALLAHU 'ALAIHI WA SALLAM.SO DIE NOT UNTIL YOU ARE A MUSLIM.

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