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I am in a very complicated situation. I live in London and alhamdulillah I don't smoke or drink any haram drink, but one of my cousins who visits me once a year from Sharjah has a bad habit of drinking every day. He is staying in my house only for three days every year, using one of the rooms while he is drinking at night. He doesn't come out from the room but still I don't like it.

I am afraid that if I stop him from drinking in my house, he would just go out for drinking instead. Furthermore, it would break my relations with his entire family. Apart from the drinking, he is a good person.

Please tell me what should I do from an Islamic point of view.

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if he bought it himself and does it without telling you or consulting you and brought it in the house himself then it is his choice you wont get sins because he is doing it from his own will and did it all himself if he tries to store it in your house or asks you to buy it or asks you to join or tries to include you in this behavior then you will be draged into it and then i suggest you say somthing

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asalaam aleykum

this is not as a reply it rather something like a Daawa2 him about islam How ?

first i want you to remember the Kuran verse.... Ina ala NIYATKUM TURZAKUUN.

try by early hours not late sit with him and try to ask an easy Islamic question pretend as u don't know....from the first reaction you will Inshaa Allah be able to know how you can continue but in way so smoothly as (you have snow there)when it rest on the mud have you noticed how long it takes to melt?

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wel ! he sits quietly and as hid himself in secret then i Don't see any reason why you should be panic(he is one of you) Try another method ask him for 'a Todd' and if he smokes as for a 'puff' you will surely hear as NO WAY don't don't don't blah have NOT to say anything just let the Answer reverberate ONE day within his soul. Ina LLAH ... Sattar....

would you not like to be Judged secretly... yowm kiyamah?

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Brother I once had the same situation with my cousin we were in the same house and I didn't know he drinks alcohol until one day I found in the fridge a bottle of alcohol and I was shocked and didn't know what to do as I was thinking how to approach him and tell him this is haram I start to pray a salah and while I was in salah I felt something different I felt as if Allah was not paying attention to my salah and that He was not happy and while I was in salah like this I remembered there was that bottle of alcohol in the fridge and here I am trying to pray to Allah under the same roof where there was alcohol in it immediately without finishing the salah while I was standing I left the salah and went to my cousin and told him and showed him the bottle and I said to him this is haram and never to bring it again in a kind and nice way and I told him about what just happend to me in salah and he said sorry and he never did it again, and I went straight back to my room and started my salah and I felt this time something that I have never felt before I felt happy and I felt peace all around me and in my salah and I felt Allah was giving attention and was pleased.

So my advice is do not worry about the future and the relationship because Allah will take care of it but for you all you need to do is make sure he does not bring alcohol to your house which Allah made haram and you should be more concerned in pleasing Allah and you do not please Allah by allowing haram to be under your roof where you do your salah.

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