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Is fifth marriage allowed in Islam ? If he has divorced three wives?

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as salaam alaikum,

Men in Islam are not permitted to have more than four wives at a time (and it is better to have only one wife if the man fears he cannot treat them justly, see Surah an-Nisa, ayahs 3 and 129).

If a man has four wives and he divorces one or more, he must wait for the idda (waiting period) to complete of the wife/wives he divorced before he is able to take another wife/wives. Please see this fatwa.

If a Muslim has simply been married and divorced several times, he or she is not prohibited from subsequent marriages as far as I know. Allahu alem.

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Asalam o Alikum plz send me your email ID. I want to talk with detail Thanks Regards SAQIB BASHIR

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wa alaikum us salaam, if you are dealing with a situation where a man has divorced more than one wife and is looking to add another wife, it would be best to talk with a Shaykh as these situations can be quite tricky, depending on whether or not the talaq issued can be revoked or if it is final.

Otherwise you can email me at inshaa Allah.

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