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asalaam wu alaikum im in deseperate need of advice on this topic. My husband and i were introduced to each other by his sister in law, who was at the time a good friend of mine, once i became apart of the family, she suddenly changed, started speaking lies, inviting his ex girlfriend to al the functions. this sister in law stays with his birth mum ( but he was raised by his step mum). there has been never ending problems as he accepted islam and they are christian. I have my own islamic belief and i am a very open and expressive person as i feel that you rather be honest than to be a hypocrite. this family speaks against each other to everyone and speaks against everyone to each other. The ex girlfriend knows all of our personal problem because they discuss it iwth her. They know my husband is now muslim but they feel that they can just give him un islamic advice and try to persuade him otherwise. When i correct them, its a problem, iv decided to stay away but now that i am. they post hurtful stuff about us on social netwroks, still discuss us and pur lives and refer to me as being controlling. they treat us both as tho we are out siders ...please give me an islamic perspective on whther or not my approach is right if not please help. We now stay with his step mum whom his bilogical mum dislikes....plz note this woman accepted my husband even though he ws made in her marriage but with another woman. because we r staying with her as we dont have anyone else to go in and around seems now that we are even bad....

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It is very wrong to keep distance form your in laws... You should love your husband truely and keep everything good for him in his family too as you would do in your family.. if you can love your husband truly then the Ex factor would automatically vanish and if you can make friends with your sister in law again.. she would understand you better too... life is about loving than wasting it in these things ... you do your part and everything will be fine... best of luck

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