I'm trying to be the best Muslim I can be. I've been doing all my prayers, except morning due to the fact that school has been going on and I can't wake up on time....I'm trying to work on that. I always try to keep a good attitude towards others and do whatever I can. School has been my number one issue, but I'm still working it.

I've always had this issue with Masturbation. I know it's haram and I accept it as a haram action, but I still fall into it. I've been trying to not do it. I've gone weeks without it and I always break on the weekend or whenever I see a girl wearing a certain clothing.

How can I stop myself from doing it and what do I do after I've committed the sin? I take a shower and I do wudu, but is there anything else I should do after it? I've noticed bad luck occur the day after I do it and I really don't like this. Please, if you can, I'd really appreciate your help.

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