Asslamualaikum Warehmatullah! I have a list of questions. I was in a physical relationship with this guy a year back. We did alot of bad things (except zina). But later I realized that i've been wrong. I had disobeyed Allah for the sake of fullfilment of my own wishes. Now i have left that guy and I pray Allah for my forgveness. Verily, He is the best forgiver. Im really ashamed of what i've done. I've told him to repent as well, but he thinks whatever we did is too casual to be a sin. Now my question is that i've heard that taubah is only acceptable when you shed tears. Is this true ? Secondly, during my relationship i promised that guy to marry him. My decision was based on our intimacy and sentiments. He still is waiting for me. What sould i do ? Should i break my promise or let him wait for the right time ? And what will be the kufarah for the promise ? Lastly, i've decided to spend the rest of my life for Allah, the exalted. My parents also want me to marry some virtuous person in the future. So will it be necessary for me to let him know about my past ? About the guy and all the gunnah i have done ? Will i be betraying him by hiding the truth ? I have no one to guide so i need an explanation. May Allah bless you. JazakAllah!

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