Salamu Alaikum brother I been trying to understand verse 11, 12, 176 of Chapter 4 and verse 240 of chapter 2 of the Holy Quran and trying to write my Will on my assets. Would you kindly help me with the distribution among my heirs? All I need to know is the distribution percentage/shares. I have a wife and two daughters. Both my parents are alive and I have one brother and one sister. How much will my parents, wife and daughters receive in this situation from my properties once I die? I understand the funeral expenses and the debts/taxes must be paid first (that cannot perhaps exceed one third of my asset). After that, 1. My mother receives 1/6th and my father receives 1/6th of my asset. 2. Out of the remaining i.e., after my parents are paid their shares, my wife receives 1/8th of the remaining asset. 3. Out of the remaining i.e., after my parents and wife are paid their shares, my 2 daughters will receive 1/3rd each of the remaining asset. 4. Whatever left (i.e., after my parents, wife and daughters are paid their shares), can be distributed for charity or else. Please advise if I am wrong on the above. Thanks. Best Regards Alam

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