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assalamualaikum, I would like to ask something which bothers me... basically im a muslim,I stay in a hotel with non-muslim friends. my problem is.. well, my friend and I always cook together every night. of course everything put in the refrigerator is halal. but then, there is one friend of mine who stayed with us just a few days ago brought her house food. every time, she wants to eat, she would just reheat it back. and now, I realised that her food is actually pork.thats really a concern for me. I do respect them for not bringing beef due to their religion. but now, i don't know what to do.I did tell my problem to one of my friends. i really need your opinion. thanks.

*there is spelling mistake actually... i stay at hostel again thanks for the answer.

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okay so i just reread it and i realized your at a hotel but the prophet said: Sayyiduna Abu Said al-Khudri (mayAllah be pleased with him) narrates that the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him & give him peace) said: Let no woman travel for more than three days unless her husband or a Mahram is with her. (Sahih Muslim). so this is why the prophet gave us this advice because problems like this may occur i think the food around the pork would become contaminated because my little brother did a project on why pork is prohibited in islam its because its impure and there is no possiblitty in cleaning it and that there are eggs of insects in the pork and stay there even when you kill the pig and stays in between the meat of the pork so he poured soda on the pork he bought and the insects began to feed off the sugar and chemicals and 4 hours later there were full grown insects it was discusting and these bugs dont die when cooked they can only die if you squash them or use chemicals like cockaroaches many people might say it was probably a fly that landed and had eggs but my brother covered the pork so this wouldnt happen i woulnt reccomend eating the food you should eat out or food that stays on the counter or you should come back with a mahram and check out a different room

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if the refrigerator was bought by you then i would just straight up tell her excuse me but in my religion we belive that pork is unpure and by placing it with the rest of our food you contaminating it or if its not your fridge then i would recommend buying a mini fridge for youself are you sharing a dorm with these girls are they just visiting you? what exactly is the situation you should clarify because you shouldent live alone with these girls your supposed to have a mahram

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also if you dont bring beef because of them they should do the same for you or else she isnt beings a very good friend and i would tell her that

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Mere Nabi(P.B.U.H)ne farmaya Pig haraam hai

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