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Salam sisters and brothers, I am a 15 years old girl and I live in the Netherlands. I think I wasn't a very good muslim so far. But I really want to change that. i want to be a good muslim from now on. But there is one big problem. Here, in the Netherands, everyone is swearing at God. I don't know if that is the right word in English. But i mean that if you are angry, you say a word just like that. But then with God's name in it. I feel shamed but I have sworn with that word too. Several times. But I didn't mean it, like I am mad at God. But because everyone says it, you are automatically going to say that too ! Now I read that if you 'swear' at God, you aren't a muslim anymore. Is this really so ? And if it is, can I do something to be a muslim again ?!? I really have regret and I will do anything to be a good muslim again. I cannot sleep with the thought , everything I have done for my religion (like wearing a headscarf ) and everything I was planning to do to be a good muslim dooesn't gonna help a thing. Cause I will be treated as a 'not-muslim'. Please help me, I'm really really sad ! Shokran,

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WA alaykum asalaam . Little sis. First thank Allah you see your error. Second mend the error meaning do not do it again. third ask Allah subhana WA ta'ala to forgive you. Practice your 5 pillars , read Qur'an Everyday. Insha Allah you will become a great muslima mashallah. I believe you will!

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Salam alaykum Sadie, Thankyou so much for your answer ! I will follow your steps and InshaAllah I will be forgiven ! Again : Thankyou , I appreciate your believe in me in becoming a great muslima ! Yasmina

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