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what are they?

asalaam aleykum;

1 - ILAH

2 - RABB


4 - DEEN

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I understand that 'Ibadah' means 'Worship'

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  1. God
  2. Lord
  3. Idk ..?
  4. Religion
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I understand that the word ‘ilah’ does not mean ‘God’ (as some may use for ‘Allah); but that it means: ‘an object of worship’. If I worship money, then for me money is my ‘ilah’. An ‘ilah’ is a ‘deity’ not worthy of worship; hence: ‘La ilaha illallah’.

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Thank u very much

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1 - ILAH

2 - RABB


4 - DEEN

one of the brothers here volunteered to relay in detail;I know it is Arabic but a reader of Kuran while comes thorough this ILAH RABB IBADAH AND DEEN will understand (these really near like short hand) and need be given in details....Islam is vast in rich of knowledge FOR THE ONE WHO CARES.

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I don't understand what is your point? You asked what are they. Clarify yourself please. For the one who cares? What does that mean. ?

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I don't understand what is your point? You asked what are they. Clarify yourself please. For the one who cares? What does that mean. ?

who care...taking care while reading Kuran, say when you come to the word FAABUDUUN (AS:ALLAH SAYS.. that i have not created jins and humans but only for worship me" what is we come if your duty as worker you are called A worker but to Allah HE called us His Slaves, so what is our servitude? here we come to that word IBADA if you are a little familiar with arabic it will be of great help; and that is why Kuran revealed in Arabic. (this just between me and .you.....some of us do happen to be sent abroad for studies overthere the problem is language say 'French' ok short course 6 months, just a language on the work) so it is like that arabic cumpolsary even a little.

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there are clearer translation to these words that are more close to the true meaning in Arabia: example, the word Rab is best translated as sustainer or maintainer of everything the word illa is best translated as Allah the word deen is best translated as prescribed way the word ibada is best translated as adherence

We as muslims most be mindful that we are not to imitate the polytheist nor the people of the book, their concept can never be the muslim concept,for the Rasul, May peace and blessings be upon him, has warned us in a hadeeth, " My ummah will follow the people of the book so much that if they go into a lizard hole they will follow." (sahih muslim)

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Chapter 1 - ILAH

Dictionary Meanings The root of this word consists of the three letters, alif, lam, and ha and the connotations of various derivations, as one finds in lexicons are as follows: • Achieved peace and mental calm by seeking refuge with someone or establishing relations with him. • Became frightened of some impending mishap or disaster, and someone gave him the necessary shelter. • Turned to another eagerly, due to the intensity of his feelings for him. • The lost offspring of the she-camel rushed to snuggle up to its mother on finding it. Became hidden, or concealed. Also, got elevated. • Adored, offered worship to. If we reflect upon these original meanings, we can gain the necessary idea of how the verb came to mean the act of worship and the noun to denote the object of worship. There are four considerations to bear in mind in this connection: 1. Foremost among the factors which engender a sentiment of some degree of adoration for some one is a person's own state of being in distress or need. He cannot even conceive of worshiping someone unless he has reason to believe that someone to be in a position to remove his distress, to fulfill his needs, to give him shelter and protect him in time of danger, and soothe his troubled heart. 2. It goes without saying that the above belief is accompanied by a belief also in the superiority of the other in status, power, and strength. 3. It is also a matter of fact that where any of the needs of a human being are met under the ordinary process of give and take, which takes place perceptibly before one's own eyes, it leads to no sense of reverence, much less of adoration, for the other. For example, if I should be in need of money and, having applied for, and been given a job, am paid for it, since the whole transaction would take place within the full ken of my senses, and I would be fully aware of the circumstances or the reason for giving me the money, I would experience not the slightest desire to offer my employer any adoration. That sentiment arises only when there is some element of mystery surrounding the personality, the power, or the ability of the other to fulfill peoples' needs or to influence events. That is why the word chosen to denote an object of worship includes in its meanings the senses of mystery, perplexity, and superiority in status, etc. 4. Lastly, it is only natural that if one believes another to be in a position to fulfill one's needs, to provide shelter and protection, to soothe a disturbed heart and fill it with peace and calm, one turns eagerly to that a matter of course. We may therefore safely conclude from the above that the connotation of the word ilah includes the capacities to fulfill the needs of others, to give them shelter and protection, to relieve their minds of distress and agitation, superiority, and the requisite authority and power to do all these, to be mysterious in some way or hidden from men's eyes, and the turning of men eagerly to him. .............The Pre-Islamic Concept Having be continued Inshaa Allah.

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@el ebdaa thankyou brother may Allah reward you, your definition has confirmed my point

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jazaka Llah Kheir; Brother;

i have no axe to write all those, but my late dearly friend(wrote) these and left for US English speaking people; i hope to be beneficial to us all BUT most important our en-devour to be for ISLAM strive for it and Allah is Really AKRAM L AKRAMEEYN.

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asalaam aleykum bro/sisters am too a human with feelings;but the references by one mod;Muhammad;(if not dlted)Safe side myself is to step down and that too 4the 2cause of Islam Not to give bad name. Should any wish to contact please put subject as "for the cause of islam" myface book "no islam without knowledge" asalaam aleykum wa rahmatu Llah wa barakatuhu. Iam:salim al abdusalaam

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Great said brother for more application about islamic you can also visit href="">Islamic android apps

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jazaka Llah kheir brother how about pasting em here we can bnefit more

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Thank you brother . I will participate more and more in your site.

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my very many thanks to you; i feel like we can at least relay some valuable information; accepting or not that is to individual.

Please bring one by one so i hope will put some forceful comments so while a reader comes through to one of these words while reading Kuran "He might Remember" and to that we have done our duty.

sahih? :)

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Yup you are right man. I will try my best.

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