Can anybody tell about Smoking according to Quran? Please give me a proper detail answer

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asalaam aleykum;

you will not find those proper details but for sure Kuran says "do not kill yourself" Now what do packets of cig wrote" instead of SMOKING KILLS twisted ...harm to lungs; swine flue to H1NI this is our nature humans, but KURAN is there for the one who cares. thank you for the question.

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Well said brother. Thank you for your answer

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Why you close my question?What is the reason?

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I gave you a link above that shows this question has been asked and answered. We try to operate a certain way here. That's why I said for you yo read the FAQ. Not because I am being mean brother. I want you to benefit from this site properly.

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ok now i got it. Thank you for guidance..

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Don't mention it. Let me know if you need anything else .

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