Assalamualaikum Waa rahmatullah. I am seeking some help for some of my questions and I would like to solve all the confusions I am facing please which I am in stress and worried for.

  1. My dad became ill and suffered from brain stroke and stomach cancer about four years ago while he was in holiday in an another country and after he had brain stroke, he lost all the memories of his past and never discussed about any wills before he became ill. He had some money into his bank where he travelled and we managed to transfer all the money to my mum’s account also we spent a large amount of money for his treatment. When we returned to UK we also managed the remaining money to transfer to mum’s account with having a joint account through a solicitor but we believed my dad wasn’t aware as he lost the memory. Later on my dad past away. We are 2 brothers and 3 sisters and 1 step sister (step mum past away recently) My mother live with us, and we don’t know where my uncle and cousins address as they live in a different country and we have no contact from long time. • What should have been done with the money? • Can we deduct the money was spent for my dad’s treatment? • Was it allowed to spend the money to build a house for we 2 brothers • Does all sisters has right to receive the share of the money, especially If they are having financial problems and poor step sister? • Do we have to let them sisters know the amount of money dad had and what percent’s of the money should each of all receive?

  2. The social security service paid for the funeral payment to us for whichever money was spent for my dad’s grave and other services. • How should we spend the money and who can we make the payment to? • Is my step sister allowed to have some of the money if she is in great financial difficulty?

  3. While I was a cab driver somebody left a purse in my car with sum of around £6. I tried to get in touch and contacted but was unable to meet each other and could not return the money. • Who can I pay the money to and can I pay more than the money was left to me as I can’t remember the exact changes was left as I spent part of some money in emergency?

  4. When I was working few years back, due to faulty systems was unable to balance the money, also intentionally and un-intentionally kept some money into my pocket and I can’t remember the total amount of money but it’s round figures to £100 • What shell I do now and I feel bad to inform the employer and do I have to pay them back to the employer voluntarily or can I pay to anyone else?

Your help is highly appreciated. Jazakallah.

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