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We have been married for 8 and half years now. We started having problems right from the begining. We sepereated for 2 years but then decided to give it another go as i didn't want to end it without giving 100%. We have been back together nearly 3 years now and have a healthy baby boy of 7 months but we are still not happy. We both fear Allah swt and that's why we haven't done anything in regards to divorce but the constant argueing will eventually have an effect on our son and that's what I am afraid of. Besides the fact that I don't feel any love of affection towards my husband. I don't know what to do or who to talk to. Have tried talking to my husband about this but he will listen but not say anything nor will he make any effort to change or even tell me what I am doing that makes him unhappy. We have not engaged in any intemacy since concieving our son. It has been 1 years and 4months

Thank you

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