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(59:21) Had We sent down this Qur’an upon a mountain you would indeed have seen it humbling itself and breaking asunder out of fear of Allah. 31 We propound such parables to people that they may reflec---------MEANING--31 The parable means that if a huge creation like a mountain had the sense and knowledge that it had been made responsible and accountable, like man, before Allah Almighty, for its deeds, it would have trembled from the fear of it. But how heedless, senseless and thoughtless is the man, who understands the Qur'an, and has known the whole truth through it, yet he is neither seized by any fear not feels worried as to what answer he would make to his God about the responsibilities that have been placed on him. On the contray when he reads the Qur'an, or hears it read, he remains. go un-moved as if he were a lifeless and senseless stone, which is not supposed to hear and see and understand anything. (For further explanation, see E.N. 120 of Surah AI-Ahzab)

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Assalaamu alaykum . @el ebdaa brother please repost thus in community site as there is a place for it under Qur'an . Thanks

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