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Salaam alaikum,

My brother in law is going through a really hard time with his wife concerning their unborn child. Last week They had ultrasound done and it showed the child has spinal bifida , its a defect where the spinal cord has some sort of mass and not closed, also a pressure under his brain near the neck. They informed them the baby once its born would have to have surgery quickly, to do so they have to have him airlifted to another country. Since we live in us virgin island, and there is no good medical care here he has to be flown to the states. Or they have the option of aborting the fetus. They were told the baby might have a life of medical problems and require surgery and lots of therapy. The baby might need wheelchair for life, might be in diapers for life, might have learning disability, and needs to have a tube inserted in his brain and screwed for a lifetime. No one knows for sure, only ALLAH does. The problem is my bro in law is very poor and works two jobs and can not provide a good medical care for the unborn child, nor can he fly with the baby to the states since he can lose his two jobs. The mother wouldn't be allowed to fly with the baby either since she will have csection and needs to get well in the hospital after birth. Also she has four other children she needs to take care of. Both my brother in law and his wife have been crying and in fear of having abortion cause they dont want to carry the guilt and haraam. The doctor advised them to abort and they have by today to make the decision. we asked a local shiekh here what to do, he said to leave to ALLAH and inshALLAH the baby will be cured and to have faith in ALLAH, however if they must have abortion, they have to fast two month and pay 10,000 dinar ,, my brother in law doesn't even have money to pay for his rent of his house,, let alone 10,000 dinar. Please give me your answer, what should they do?

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