is it fine if a muslim is working in bank or insurance company? because many people advice me to leave the job.. by saying that you cannot work in bank because its intrested money, and u should not make a insurance of a person bacause its against the shariat.. so please help me out with the solution..

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‘……….help one another to do what is right and good; do not help one another towards sin…..(Al-Ma’ida 5:2).

I understand that this passage has led a majority of scholars to say that it is not permissible for a Muslim to work in a bank that deals in interest, even if their job does not involve financial dealings that result in interest payments being made. Accepting employment in a bank that deals in interest (an act that is haram) implies approval of that act; and this itself is haram.

I guess the same can be said of work involving insurance (also haram).

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