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As We All Know The First Verse Reveled of Holy Quran was "iqra biismi rabbika allathee khalaqa" Chap No-96, Verse No- 01. Why It is In The Approximately end of Quran?

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The order of surahs in Quran isn't based on the date of revelation. Most researchers believe that Quran was collected and ordered after the time when prophet Muhammad (pbuh) passed away because when he was alive the verses and surahs of Quran could be revealed to him at any time. The order of surahs in Quran is mostly based on the number of the verses (longest first). The following explains:

  1. Surah Hamd - also known as Al-Fatiha't Al-ketab (starter of the book) and Om Al-ketab (mother of the book)
  2. Al-Sab'a Al-Teval (Seven long surahs) : Al-Baghara, Al Imran, Al-Nesa, Al-Maeda, Al-Ana'm, Al-A'raf, Yunes.
  3. Al-Ma'in : Surahs that have approximately 100 verses - 12 surahs
  4. Al-Mathani : Surahs that have less than 100 verses but are more recited than other surahs (especially Al-Sab'a Al-Teval and Al-Ma'in) - almost 20 surahs.
  5. Al-Havamim : Surahs that begin with "Ha-Mim" (حم) - they are 7 surahs.
  6. Al-Momtahenat : Approximately 20 surahs
  7. Al-Mufassalat : From surah Al-Rahman to the end of Quran - Surahs that their verses and themselves are short and have low verses - Bismillah Arrahman Arraheem is repeated rapidly.
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