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I am a Muslim mother of two kids.being married for 7yrs I never developed that particular feeling for my husband as a wife should have.there are certain reasons behind this as I am aware that my husband has said lie to me in certain issues.he is 15yrs elder than me and this too they hide at the time of engagement and icame to know this after marriage.there is a big difference in our mentality.I tried to convince him in every possible way I can.but I have no feeling for him just that he is my husband and I have certain rights towards him.And there are certain other issues too where I came to know that my husband has been untruthful.he is a religious person but when it is to accept something he does not want to he gets all rubbish fatawas.I am unable to grasp all these things.I discussed this with my mother but she wants me to stay here whatever the situation is.I tried that too but too depressed I ended up w ith something that should have not happened.and when he came to know about this firstly he said he would divorce me but I don't want to hurt our family reputation and hence I agreed to all his conditions and decided to stay with him just for the sake of my kids.I have submitted all my wills to Allah and pray slot that He only is going to help me tackle this situation.the thing is I am unable to forget this person whom I am in love with.I can't cheat my family now but at the same time I can't say them the truth but honestly I don't want to live with my husband because I can't grasp his nature.i am confused what should I do because there is no one I have who will understand my feelings.I stay away from every small sin but only thing I am unable to leave is loving this is like next to impossible for us to get married but Allah is all knower and nothing is impossible for Him.I am confused as what should I do.I don't want to cheat my husband and my family as they have started believing that I have forgotten everything but they are wrong...please help

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Please somebody suggest I will be very thankful for your support

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Assalaamu alaykum sister can you please post thus in community forum as I will be able to reply to you there. Min am give u link .

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Can u please give me the link i ll

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ASWK ssdie...please show me how do I post this on community forum

(Jun 13 '13 at 02:46) UnknownUser UnknownUser's gravatar image ok you become member and the copy you post here and paste it under marriage /relationships in community forum

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Alhamdulillah my sister alhamdulillah.

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