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My husband forces me to do oral sex with him. When all this started couple of years ago, I refused to do that but he gets angry on me and not only he separated his bed, he stop talking to me as well. When I tried to confront him with this as “haram” act, he challenges me to find any authenticate narration in support of my argument which I failed to find. All I was able to find oral sex as “makroh” at worst and thing which is prohibited is to tastes the discharge coming out. To confront this argument, he started using condoms but did not stop the practice. I had the argument once again with him around a month ago and this time his response was harsh, he said if I don’t want to please me, he does not want to keep me. In other words, not directly but he threaten me with divorce. My hesitation with this act is more from religious standing. I pray and fast and practice Islam in my daily life.

I have read multiple boards on the issue but none of them gives a clear answer. I am more confuse then enlighten on the issue. Some of them talk about morality and some of then talk from hygiene perspective but no clear answer from Islamic point of view. Please ease my situation and answer me in black and white about the ruling on oral sex. In my situation, should I seek the separation/divorce if my husband keeps insisting me in engaging oral sex or I am over stressing myself on an act which is permissible between husband and wife?

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Needs to be posted in community site, under relationship,marriage and marital issues category.

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Tell you husband that it is not allowed in Islam to do oral sex in Islam

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