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Did the messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him, ever implement this prayer in congregation?

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I know that this topic is very sensitive but anything that maybe an innovation is very serious, inshallah I only want to explore the facts and then we can take the strongest proof and implement it.the fact that everyone does a thing does not mean that it is right,for we must know that the majority is usally wrong, it is the minority that is usally on the right guidance.I beg someone to help me explore this topic for the sake of pleasing our Rabb.Salaam

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Tahwaree can you explain this word to me?

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this is the prayer that muslim do in congregation in the masjid during the month of Ramadan after isha.

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It is called Tarawih not tahwaree....

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Or taraaweeh . Depends on how you understand the letters and pronunciations. That's all you have to say my brother? Is everything ok Irfan?

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Tarawih is one of the mustahab prayers (Navafel) that sunnit muslims do in congregation in the masjid during Ramadan after Isha. The word "Tarawih" is the plural of "Tarwiha" that means "sitting still". The "sitting still" is sitting after Ramadan's mustahab prayers after Isha to rest. The mustahab prayers of Ramadan's nights are 20-30 rakats that all the muslims accept them but doing them in congregation is what the muslim groups believe in differently. Sunnit muslims do these prayers in congregation and it is an innovation of Umar ibn khattab the second rashid caliph and wasn't even in Abu Bakr's era. He believed that it is a good innovation but this belief is incompatible with the religious evidence that criticize all the innovations. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) : Every innovation is misdirection and every misdirection is in fire (Hell). Sunnit muslims adimre this innovation while Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) prohibited doing mustahab prayers in masjid. He also said : Upon you to pray in your homes because the best prayer is the one that is done at home except the obligatory prayers. Doing mustahab prayers in congregation is also prohibited by Shia holy Imams.

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@Devoted are you of the mindset that this is a good innovation, I love your answer for it is the haqq, and it is a fact that it was not implemented by the Rasul,may Allah have mercy on him and his family, and it also a fact that we must practice our Islam with the itteebah of the Rasul sws for Allah azza wal jall has said that he is Us Wahtum Hasanah the best example to how can we follow anyone else when it comes to the deen of Allah? I humbly a wait your reply. salaam

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I didn't say that I think it's a good innovation. On the contrary since I'm a Shia, I believe that it's forbidden to do these prayers in congregation.

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@Devoted i'am not shia and I strongly agree with you and I stand on the facts that it is a innovation, and all who practice this is upon misguidance.May Allah reward you.

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this should be read also

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This one also

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Its ramadan

(Jul 15 '13 at 11:21) yaqin ♦ yaqin's gravatar image

So how many praticed this innovation this ramadan

(Aug 07 '13 at 02:12) yaqin ♦ yaqin's gravatar image
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