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one person took money from me as he mentioned that he will use that money in business and we will get profit. and after few months i asked him about the money. and he said "i gave that money to someone else as that third person is no here what can i do now" i collected money from my friends and relatives. so i asked him again for money. so he said "i wont give you money. as third person took that from me. and still if you want me to give you money so i'll put money on QURAN then you can take money" now, my question is that, what should i do. He took money from me and he is not returning me back. should i take money he put on quran or should i not take that?

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Asalamualaikum warahmatullah!...well as for my own understandind,if i knw i really give him d money for bussiness for''legal bussiness''' i wouldn't mind taking the money from the Qura'n..but if d money is use for illegal bussiness it's haram...!! my next step is to advise d person to have the fear of allah anywhere he/she goes.according to the hadiths of prophet muhammad s/w which said ""ithakullah hais ma kunter(fear allah were ever u are)..dats my own contribution mashallah

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