Im a guy of 23.I ve been masterbatin since i attained puberty stage.Until recently,7months ago,after my evil act which i know it is a sin yet cant resist it,my pennis never became soft for like 1hours 30minutes which hurts so bad.Then i starting praying to Allah and i made a vow never to masterbate and watch pornographic pictures and movies again.I kept my promise for 3weeks after which i started again.Now,iv been experiencing failure in my studies.Even during most of my exam,in the centers,i always become restless ,uneasy and to crown it all,i ll start ejaculating without any arousive thing.My fellow muslims,is my sin forgivable by Allah despite that im always selfconscious of this evil acts whenevet im doing it?.Can Allah forgive me for breaking my vow made to Him?.Pls,advise me and help me out.

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