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Ok so I am a girl born with odd eyes - one brown and one black. My natural eye colour should have been the brown but due to a birth defect, one of my eyes turned into a pitch pitch black colour. Sometimes it makes me look squint eyes when i am not, and in the sun, you can see my brown eye turn really light and hazel, and the black stays black so their is a huge difference. I feel as if everyone stares at me and i don't feel confident when i go outside.

If I was to put on a coloured contact lens to only my black eye, the exact same colour as my brown eye, would that be halal or haraam? Please help!

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Wearing contact lenses in Islam

There are two types of lenses: 1 - medical lenses, which are used for the treatment of visual impairment, since in these cases the lenses are used as medical treatments, it is permissible to use them for this purpose, with specialist advice.

2 - The colored lenses: These lenses are an ornament for women, which means if she uses them for her husband, then it is OK, but if she uses them for others it is permissible only if they don't cause lust. Additionally, they must be harmless for eyes and not be used for luring. Also you must not pay too much money to buy these lenses since it is a waste of money.

Some of the Islamic religious leaders believe it isn't permissible to wear colored lenses for two reasons: 1 - Colored contact lenses are harmful for eyes, and this fact has been confirmed by doctors because the colors that are used in these lenses are harmful for eyelens. 2 - Using colored contact lenses in order to change eyes' color is actually changing Allah's creation.

Overall it's better not to use colored contact lenses as it is a kind of dissatisfaction of Allah's creation and changing it.

This is a general guide for wearing contact lenses in Islam. In your case colored contact lenses are used as medical treatments not ornaments so it is permissible to use them with specialist advice.

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agree with the above post a good detailed answer

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